Thursday, July 1, 2010


She's my lady...
Soft and smooth....

Ni dalam cerita Open Season..
Since Boog is a male bear,
So, if a female bear would say

He's my man...
Soft and smooth...
Melts in my mouth 
(Jgn fikir ke arah lain ye)
My WOhOO bar yg I meant is this:


The best part it's only 2 / 3 net carbs!
It makes my diet been soooooo easy!
And even u can eat this in you induction part.

Since ada a few were emailing me asking about this,
Well, here I nak cerita about my Atkins diet
I've tried a few things nak turun berat badan...
But the thing is, it's not permanent. 
So, this time, I want to try to do Atkins for life!
Actually it would be better if you buy the Atkins book and understand it fully.

Controlling Your Carbs Is The Healthy Way To Eat - for Life

When you do Atkins, you get to eat all kinds of delicious, health foods and you never need to go hungry. If your goal to slim down, you weight will go down - stedily, easily and for good. 

Doing Atkins simply means controlling the amount carbohydrates you eat. Much depends upon your metabolism, gender, age and activity level. Over time, you'll learn the amount of carbs you eat each day, but first you must learn to determine how many carbs you can consume each day to achieve your goal weight.

In the weight loss phases in Atkins, you objective is to eat as many nutrient dense carbs as you can handle and to cut out carbs that have little or no nutritional value. This means no bread, rice, pasta or anything made with added sugar. Even nutritious carb foods, such as brown rice, sweet potatoes will be off the menu until you are close to your goal weight, when most people can re-introduce them. During weight loss, you replace empty calories with a wide assortment of delicious, nutrient dense and fibre rich vegetables and protein packed foods such as poultry, eggs, fish, red meat and cheese. 

Once you have achieved and are maintaining a healthy weight, you can enjoy many of those forbidden foods in moderation. The difference is quality. Instead of empty carbohydrates in the form of worthless white flour and sugar, you'll be eating highly nutritious fruits such as strawberries, blueberries; nuts and seeds; virtually all veggies; and even moderate portions of beans and whole grains.

It is just the opposite of a fad or crash diet. It's a lifetime commitment to good nutrition and improved health, one that works easily in the 'real' world of family meals, social activities, eating in restaurants and travelling. =)


jelita78 said...

oh my!
jelesnya akkuuuuuu
rasanya mcm nak try..
tapi with my busy working schedule skarang ni, takde masa nak pikir what to eat, when to eat.. janji perut penuh and dapat buat keja!
susah nak kurus camni!

IreneYaya said...

Oit, hang nak kurus buatpe? Dah slim molek dah...patut naikkan sikit biar berisi...hihihi

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