Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zurich Day 2: Luzern

We woke up early to go for the tour. Nope, actually because of the jetlag. I woke up at 4am in Zurich, because usually I woke up at 5am in Abu Dhabi.
Then after breakfast at 9am off we go for the tour. The bus picked us up at the hotel.

Then we started our wonderful journey to Luzern. Along the way, we can see the views of Zurich and the countryside.

And also the view of mount Pilatus

When we arrived in Luzern, we saw a lot of chalets alongside the lake Luzern

In case you are wondering, Luzern is the oldest city in Switzerland. The streets are made of cobblestones. This is the view of the lake Luzerne

We stopped at the Lion monument. The famous writer Mark Twain once visited this place and he described the Lion statue as a very sad monument.
Then the bus left us for 1 hour to explore Luzern. We went around the town and it's very nice.

The weather is very nice that day so we spent our lovely afternoon sitting on a bench overlooking the Chapel bridge and having ice-creams.

The Chapel bridge was built in the 14th century and is popular in the Harry Potter film.

Not forgetting to watch angsa dan itik

To be continued with our journey from Luzerne to Mount Titlis
Need to sleep now, tomorrow we have another day in Geneva. Toodles!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holler Zurich!

We safely arrived in Zurich. Upon arrival, everything went smoothly. The airport is clean, especially the toilet so my first impression Zurich is a clean city.

First thing we went to swisscom to buy our simcard and 3G. The 3G Natel prepaid simcard costs 25SF with 20SF free credit. The costs for Internet is 4SF per day unlimited.

Then we took a taxi to Crowne Plaza hotel which is located in Badernestrasse. The costs of the taxi is around 60SF

This is the first hotel I've been in which provides an espresso machine in the room. Agak jakun disitu

They also provides a box of chocolates... I was so tempting to eat but the ingredients consist E471. So I just sleep with it. =(

Our lunch meal is the mi goreng indomie

Hubby was asking me whether the mineral water is nice or not but I said biasa je. Then he said it's from the Swiss alps and suddenly rasa sedap pulak air tu. Lol

We went to the nearest supermarket and bought a few fruits for dinner.

Lepas dah kenyang everyone was so tired. But the kids waited until dark before they can sleep. The sun sets at 9pm. So after 9pm baru tido.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worded Wednesday - Heathrow Terminal 5

It's not just an airport, it's like a big shopping mall! 3 hours transit was not enough. Almost missed the flight! Lol

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where Is My Bikini Body

Tomorrow we will be somewhere where I thought I don't need to wear a bikini. But there's gonna be a lot of lakes, and my friend said I still can wear a bikini besides the lake. >_< Where is my bikini body when I need it now? Ops I forgot I leave it somewhere 10 years ago. =P

Will be updating more pics when I am there so keep checking my blog k. Still need to pack a few things and make some calls to our families back in Malaysia. Toddles!! Wish us the best k.

P/S: Anyone yg nak pesan barang you still can do so by emailing to euphoriajunction@gmail.com before 30th May. I will reply ASAP. Thank you and take care everyone!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Merayap Monday

Hubby is having a meeting in Dubai so I am taking this chance to follow him dan merayap. At least dapatlah merasa jadi taitai in Dubai for 1 day. Since we arrived here at 9 am, mostly the shops are still close.

Melepak dekat Paul mkn chocs eclair

Gazing at the Harvey Nichols bling bling

And pictures of a snowman, a bottle of coke and a penguin. As if we are already on the snowy mountain! (can't wait!)

Till then! Nak sambung merayap lagi ni.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh Our Defective iPhone 4

We bought our iPhone 4 when Apple has released it last year. I think it was on September 2010.
We didn't realized on the defects until we were using it for a few months. I had a problem with my IP4 camera. 

The camera shutter is not opening and the camera is not working. I was quite upset for a while but didn't bother so much because I have my Sony camera. But still, twitter isn't fun anymore because I can't tweet photos. I was trying to upgrade and downgrade the iPhone4 IOS, but the camera is still not working. So it must be the hardware, not the software. I brought my IP4 to Etisalat branch where he got me the IP4, and they replaced me with a new IP4 for FOC. It was great! Now I can use my IP4 camera again.

My IP4 defect is still ok compared to hubby. His IP4 had problems with receptions. I told hubby to bring it to any Apple branch and ask them what to do. They might have replace it for hubby too. Apple did admit about their miscalculation on the IP4 antenna before. So his IP4 might be the defective version with the miscalculation. But as an engineer, he tried to fix it by himself. Seriously degil!!!

Firstly he opened his IP4. Lepas dah buka, then he asked me about antenna. Since I dulu ambil subject about Antenna, RF and microwave, mesti I tahu all about it. Oh my, it was about 10 years ago, how can I remember? Even my work before didn't involved with too much technical details.

He tried to put a small piece of paper, then a small piece of foil, then lastly he tried to tape a large piece of foil so that the reception will pickup effectively and tadaaaa it works! No more call drops or no reception.

Definitely we learn our lessons to wait for a while before buying gadgets. Usually they are not testing it properly and release the defective or incomplete version when it was first released. Betul tak B? But the truth is that the real geeks actually couldn't wait! lol

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rabu Tidak Berkata-Kata: Jingga Cahaya Senja

Suatu Petang Yang Indah (Bagi Saya)

Marilah kita berbahasa Melayu pula.
Pada suatu petang yang indah dan cuaca yang agak enak sekali, seperti biasa kami berempat ke Dubai. Kami meluangkan masa yang berkualiti dengan anak2 dengan membawa mereka bermain di pesta.

Begitu seronok sekali mereka berdua bermain! Kami bahagia dengan melihat kegembiraan yang terpancar di muka mereka.

Kami juga sungguh suka sekali melihat keakraban adik beradik ini. Mereka sangat mengambil berat antara satu dengan lain. Selepas membawa mereka bermain, giliran kami berdua pula untuk menikmati pemandangan indah sehingga matahari terbenam.

Kami juga bergelak ketawa melihat gaya anak bongsu kami.

Saya juga tidah lepas peluang bergaya dihadapan kereta Maserati dan Porsche milik orang lain

Dan hari itu kami akhiri dengan makan malam di kedai makan Thai.
Kuew Teow Tom Yum dan Nasi Patayya dia sungguh enak sekali.
Pengalamannya sungguh indah kerana kami dapat mentekedarah masakan yang dikira seperti eksotik di sini.
(Harap maaf, gambar diambil kekuningan kerana saya menggunakan kamera telefon tangan)

Itu sahaja cerita ceriti saya pada hari ini.
Sekian, terima kasih.
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