Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh Our Defective iPhone 4

We bought our iPhone 4 when Apple has released it last year. I think it was on September 2010.
We didn't realized on the defects until we were using it for a few months. I had a problem with my IP4 camera. 

The camera shutter is not opening and the camera is not working. I was quite upset for a while but didn't bother so much because I have my Sony camera. But still, twitter isn't fun anymore because I can't tweet photos. I was trying to upgrade and downgrade the iPhone4 IOS, but the camera is still not working. So it must be the hardware, not the software. I brought my IP4 to Etisalat branch where he got me the IP4, and they replaced me with a new IP4 for FOC. It was great! Now I can use my IP4 camera again.

My IP4 defect is still ok compared to hubby. His IP4 had problems with receptions. I told hubby to bring it to any Apple branch and ask them what to do. They might have replace it for hubby too. Apple did admit about their miscalculation on the IP4 antenna before. So his IP4 might be the defective version with the miscalculation. But as an engineer, he tried to fix it by himself. Seriously degil!!!

Firstly he opened his IP4. Lepas dah buka, then he asked me about antenna. Since I dulu ambil subject about Antenna, RF and microwave, mesti I tahu all about it. Oh my, it was about 10 years ago, how can I remember? Even my work before didn't involved with too much technical details.

He tried to put a small piece of paper, then a small piece of foil, then lastly he tried to tape a large piece of foil so that the reception will pickup effectively and tadaaaa it works! No more call drops or no reception.

Definitely we learn our lessons to wait for a while before buying gadgets. Usually they are not testing it properly and release the defective or incomplete version when it was first released. Betul tak B? But the truth is that the real geeks actually couldn't wait! lol

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marina anakcikbob said...

try jgn beli barang masa baru2 keluar. tunggu bout 3-4 weeks bila thousands of product been sold already.

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