Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Short Trip to Malaysia

The gynae advised me to go back alone so that there will be not much stress to handle the boys and luggages during travelling. I was a bit skeptical to leave the kids with DH, but he reassured me that he could handle the kids. Since it's only for 5 days 4 nights, I also think it will be ok. Lagipun I leave the kids with their own dad, not to the stranger, kan?

Off I went back to Malaysia, alone. Sedey...mana tak sedih because I never leave my kids ever since they were born. 
Here are some pictures in Malaysia!

Arrived in Abang's new house. I love his courtyard!

Convoy to Malacca! Kakak sempat lagi tilik jewelery dalam kereta!

~Saya pulak, asyik tilik foods!~

~My beloved mom! I can't believe she is already 70~

~Along & Wawa~

~At last! Selesai sudah...alhamdulillah~

~Mak buyung & pengantin~


 ~Baju untuk majlis esok. Nice!~

In Malacca, we all stayed in Alor Gajah. It is in my bro friend's house.
Banyak kebun, dusun, just main petik je buah dari pokok.
And the kids nowadays prefer duduk dlm rumah with gadgets dari keluar pergi kejar ayam itik.

The Malacca homecooked foods! Sedapppppp

The next day, majlis at Botanical Garden in Ayer Keroh

Berarak masuk dewan

Then suddenly, during persembahan bersilat, papa fell down.
We brought him outside and wanna bring him to the hospital,
but he still wanna go and give his blessing to the pengantin

Then we brought him to the emergency at Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh
His blood pressure at that time was 231/185
It was very high and we were afraid if his blood capillary burst.
After all MRI scan, the doctor said luckily there's no blood clog
We explained the situation to the doctor, and he released my dad but we must monitor his BP level and continue to bring him to the hospital in KL

Selang sehari after that incident, majlis menyambut menantu in dewan Bukit Jelutong
~Nice, simple & elegant! I loike!~

~Masa bersongket~

~Cake cutting!~

~Abang & Nazril~

~TQ very much girls for coming!~

Seriously tak sempat nak bergambar. Met a lot of sedara mara and friends, and I am glad that they came to give support for abang's wedding. 
That night jugak I went back to Abu Dhabi. 

Berat hati nak balik, because papa was still not that well at that time.
But I have my responsibilities to my boys to attend to.
Luckily I have my brothers and sister to take care of papa.
Alhamdulillah, now his BP is stable 
and I pray to Allah that he will be healthy
He promised me he will take care of himself, and InsyaAllah he will come to Abu Dhabi this June during the delivery of my 3rd baby. Hopefully, aminnn...

During The Full Swing of Sale!

Sorryyyy...lama sangat tak update blog! Dah bersawang! 
I was scheduled to go back to Malaysia for my brother's wedding during the full swing of sale. Instead of jadi personal shopper, I also can't resist to shop for myself, of course!

Soooo in lurve with my Celine Mini Luggage Tote, and I wanna get another a Celine Phantom Luggage Tote. I was having a hard time to choose the colour!

And this was during the time to choose a dress for brother's wedding. Tough choice!

And DH brought me to Chanel to choose a new bag,
I actually wanna choose the red caviar GST, but he said he remembered that I had one in beige. 
No point to get the same bag in different colour, so he bought this Chanel Accordion Flap.

 hmmm...but in red! Coz baby in my tummy said red is sexy! =P

I love the compartments of this bag!

During the day I was supposed to pack to go back to Malaysia, I felt like to take a walk and go to the nearest Mothercare & Next. There was a further reduction sale!

 It was cold and grey, so I found something to cheer up the situation! =P

 Dahla sale 25%-50% off, 
then the sale item, buy 1 get 1 free

Then I went to H&M, things are all very dirt cheap!

I've found a few Dhs20 & Dhs30 maternity clothing! Yeay!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Personal Shopper On The Loose!

I'm back! Sorry for not updating my blog. Since I've been in twitter, blog is like a place to summarize all your twitter activities. =)

Dubai Shopping Festival has ended yesterday. It started from 5th January to 5th February. During the last 2 pregnancies, I really hate shopping but this time it's totally opposite. I guest now the shopaholic in me is becoming worst! hahaha Anyway, I'm also enjoying to browse things for others.

I've been assigned to find the wedding favours for my brother. I went inside Patchi, and they suggested this sugar coated almond and chocolate coated almond. Very nice!

DH called it pebbles!
The prototype haha...suggestions to add chocolate or chocodates while skyping with my brother.

Shopping jackets in H&M for my friend, also some Longchamp to bring it back to Malaysia

Loubies that are on sale!

Buying Tudung for my friends, they said Arzu is selling almost twice the cost!

Helping a friend who lost her LV speedy padlock

And also helping my loyal customer to choose her first B Bag through Whatsapp!!!
B beautiful!!!

And also buying this red caviar Chanel GST for a guy who wanna buy her wife a birthday present! Sweet! ;)

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