Friday, April 30, 2010

Hidup Nomad

After Towers Rotana, now we are landing in Holiday Inn Al Barsha Dubai because hubby wanted to rest for another 2 nights here.

I am hoping for someone to give me a magic wand so that when I am back home all the laundry and packing will be ready in seconds!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good News and Bad News

Ok, Bad News first...
During the date that we are supposedly to go to UK & Paris,

Suddenly hubby got an important project and the date clashes...


So, takkan nak korbankan kerja just because of vacation, right?

So our plan semua tak jadi...

Penat hokeh buat plan semua tu!!!

 Stress betol!

Nasib baik hotel, car rental, eurostar semua tu belum book lagi. =(

The Good News is,

We have change the date to next week! 

So plan nak pergi Dubai Outlet Mall today tak jadi

Because next week I'll be in Bicester Village Outlet babes...


Bad News again is now semua jadi last minute lagi!

Nak collect order pun last minutes - Last order by 9th May,

Nak book hotel last minutes

Eurostar last minutes

Disney Park Hotel last minutes...

Car rental pun last minutes! huhuhu....

Harini I have to finalized everything! Wish me luck k.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Metro Experience

Yesterday, I brought the kiddoz to experience Dubai choo choo train which the station is just a stone's throw away from Towers Rotana Hotel.

Best!!! The Fly over macam jalan kat airport....

My kids were so excited! 
Berjoget joget nak naik choo choo train!

Bila dah masuk dalam train, they all were stunned and sit down quietly.
Last2 my Aiden showed how happy he was by telling me,
"Mama, tiss (kiss)...Laliu (I love u) Mama..." =)

Then we arrived exactly right in front of Burjuman Shopping Center

So apa lagi....Yehaaaaa

I SPY RED & GOLD! But it's not leather lah....huhuhu
Then masuk Saks Fifth Avenue...not bad...but i still prefer the Bloomingdales 

And I ended up not buying anything because my heart is still to THAT silver shoes... =(

Monday, April 26, 2010

Self Restrained

Yesterday I went to the outlet and bought these...

It's the Seseme Street, Batman and Superman bubble bath for my kiddoz! Boleh jadi stock untuk 3-6 months. My kids everyday suka playing and soaking inside the bath beli terus banyak2.

Then the perfumes are for my relatives, nephews, friends....beli siap2 untuk bawak balik M'sia nnt.

Actually there's one thing missing inside the picture. Not really missing, it's because I WANT it so bad but I restained myself to buy it. Sampai sekarang still teringat and I told hubby about it, then he said, "why tak beli....bukan u takde duit nak beli. Dah jumpa, dah berkenan, dah ada lucky size, if nak sangat, beli ajelah...duit boleh cari...if u tak keruan camni, nak concentrate buat benda lain susah".... problem is guilty...everything kena ada limit jugakla...baru je cakap that day nak puasa 3 bulan....BUT, that silver T-Bar strappy sandals is really really realllllyyyyyyy nice! Tinggi (but stable) and comfy pulak tu! Price is also reasonable...
Macam kena sumpah je.....huhuhu 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cuci Mata

To my dearest handbag lovers
Jums mencuci mata...
with these gorgeous bags!!!

This one belongs to my EJ customer...YUMMY betol!!! 
Baru je tokey macam contemplating nak angkut, tanak angkut...sekali my customer yg angkut dulu....melepas!!!

Then I went to Dubai Mall last night, to my disappointment, the LIGHT RED with gold hardware for Summer Act II colour is more to CORAL! Cantik jugak...but was sooo hoping for a real red with gold hardware... =(

But then I saw this Maxi gradient Chanel with matte gold hardware that make my heart beats faster!!! OH NO! Cantikkkkk...dah dapat tengok and drool jadilah...kalau betul nak beli, baikler beli the Alma...sebab jimat duit....takpun boleh beli 2 bags...betul tak? =)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our New Views This Week

For the next 6 days, we'll be in Dubai teman hubby training (Yes!!!)

Now I'm thinking where to go and what to do while dia pergi menimba ilmu...

Any ideas? =)



It's Friday night, there's a lot of people at the corniche and we were stuck in traffic jam. But it was worth it because we were in the right place n the right time and we can see fireworks near the corniche! Enjoy the video taking from moi iPhone. =)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Me Taking A Break...

By uploading these...


Visit to choose the best design now.

Esok InsyaAllah, I'll continue blogging as usual. =)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drowned in Pottery Barn

The Pottery Barn is situated in Mirdif City Centre.
I was so excited to go to Pottery Barn and the minute we stepped inside, I had this euphoric feeling and started to imagine to get everything for our new home. HELP! I'm drowned... =P

Enjoy the piccas!

Then we went to watch Nany McPhee (sungguh tak best macam the 1st one, nasib baik ticket buy 1 free 1. =D)

After the movies, I was broke down with a sad news about a friend's baby who is in ICU in Dublin...I was very sad and feeling so guilty having fun when knowing my friend is having a hard time. =( I am praying she'll be strong and Allah will recover her baby....ameen...please pray for her baby too.
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