Monday, April 12, 2010

iPad? iMad? iBored...huhuhu

When "iBored" has been introduced 3 days ago...

I am becoming "iMad" when seeing this iPad and PotteryBarnKids catalogue! Not to mention handbags la, sebab tu macam dah kerja hari2 tenung bags! LOL

The iPad hasn't officially arrived worldwide, but adalah orang bawak from US kat sini and markup selling the 16GB at about RM2800!!! Which is about RM1k from the price in US. huhuhu

Actually I have to take this time when hubby not home to make plan for our summer holidays,

but I lose interest on the hols and I would rather to drool about iPad and PotteryBarnKids!

What's happening to me?

1 comment:

YaNie said...

Smua pon best, PBK best, iPad best, Holiday pon best.. maybe its the hormone :)

Have more fun with the kids.. and aeka will be at ur door in no time :)

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