Friday, April 9, 2010


My partner went off to Turkey this early morning...left me alone with 2 of his Juniors. Am so tired, was busy packing until late last night and woke up at 3am to kiss him goodbye. The black Audi picked him up and sent him to the airport...

He will transit in Doha before taking another flight to Ankara. The weather in Ankara is expecting around 0 degrees, I hope he will be ok suiting with that kind of weather.

I miss him badly and was planning not to wake up from bed but it's too impossible with the kids. I hate waiting...time please move fast as I can't wait for him to come back home!

P/S: sorry entry harini mcm novel jiwang sket.

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m.o.m said...

Omg god, Ankara ? I just hate that place. Don't know skarang mcm mana, maybe dah ok kot, but when I was there, I just couldn't live. Compared to istanbul yg lagi vast from that capital city. It was suck big time. Stress idop I, 6 months rasa mcm 6 years. In winter, the temp was between minus15 to minus20. Nothing, but white all over the places. Ask Aeka nanti dia balik mcm mana, and let me know. Maybe dah ada perubahan or still the same like 8, 9 years ago. You take care !!!!


YaNie said...

Irene.. keep urself occupied with activities for kids.. i'm sure it will kill ur time :).. be strong k :)

myjuliana said...

oloh ciannyer.. just make yourself occupied.. for how long aeka outstation?

yaya jadi tak dtg uk? nak pesan tudung kalau jadi datang.. hehe

IreneYaya said...

Rini: Yeke...I pun rasa takleh survive kalau tempat tu camtu, especially kalau takde shopping malls...hahaha...tu I malas nak ikut...dahla nak kena heret the kids, lagipun dia pergi kerja 3 hari, buang duit je kan? He said it is cleaner than Istanbul, but takde apa sgt...Nnt dia balik I will ask for pictures, k?

Yanie: TQ Yanie, nasib baik the kids ada...tapi now the kids sgt sibuk nak melayan Irene...sebab they are sibuk playing games on the iPhone, bley tak?

IreneYaya said...

Julie: Ni baru nak email Julie tanya a few things...Julie pakai gmail kan?

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