Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drowned in Pottery Barn

The Pottery Barn is situated in Mirdif City Centre.
I was so excited to go to Pottery Barn and the minute we stepped inside, I had this euphoric feeling and started to imagine to get everything for our new home. HELP! I'm drowned... =P

Enjoy the piccas!

Then we went to watch Nany McPhee (sungguh tak best macam the 1st one, nasib baik ticket buy 1 free 1. =D)

After the movies, I was broke down with a sad news about a friend's baby who is in ICU in Dublin...I was very sad and feeling so guilty having fun when knowing my friend is having a hard time. =( I am praying she'll be strong and Allah will recover her baby....ameen...please pray for her baby too.


kaezrin said...

hope ur friend's baby will be ok..

wow..i nmpk bag baru..

and i sungguh nak pi dubai skrg...

KS said...

i pon doakan anak dia cepat baik..

btw, bila tgk muka u lama2, dah macam mak arab pon ye gak! hehe ;)

IreneYaya said...

Elin: Jumsssss

KS: Blame to my mom, dia yg ada darah Arab sebab keturunan Syed-Sharifah...I guess your hubby pun right? =)

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