Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shoes Craving

Sorry again for the long silence! You know when you are pregnant, your body have this HAPPY hormone that makes you feel just happy and high all the time. What you want to do is just to take care of yourself and people surrounding you. Plus I feel that I have enough social interaction with my DH, kids and through twitter, so blogging is not important anymore. But tonight, I feel like I want to spill all the happiness (craziness, in fact) during this last few months.

Being pregnant this time is totally different from the last 2. I seldom have specific desire to eat special foods, but I have this constant craving to shop! >_< Luckily I have my own online business, where I can shop for Euphoria Junction. At least the money is not just going out. I hope I can sustain.....aminnnn...

So, starting with shoes:

I was lucky to receive an invitation for Ferragamo sale, but I was late.
If not because of the sandstorm, I might have found my size!
Eventually DH found his size and brought back 2 shoes from Ferragamo and one of it memang match with his Prada bag. Yay for him!

Since takde my size, I brought back all the pairs yang memang cantik and good deal for my lucky Euphoria Junction customers.

People said it's not a good time to buy shoes when you are pregnant, so I just keep looking at this leopard print Loubies...Love it so much and I tried it on with my usual size, but I can't fit..sedih...

Anyway, bila I tried Tribtoo & Marola shoes with my usual size, they fit perfectly!
Maybe my feet kembang, but tak pointed shoes tak berapa sesuai.

Yay! It's a match!

Will continue about bags later...

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