Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Japanese Cotton Anyone?

20+ New Designs!
Raya dah dekat... (4 bulan lagi sebenarnya =P)
Buat baju pakai hari2 pergi kerja and jalan2 pun best!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Heroes and Villains

Can u spot which one is Izz?
Special thanks to Charley's mom for the photos.

Izz in photo #2 wearing the Iron Man mask. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Learn Arabic With Izz

Izz brought home his Arabic language book. He was showing me his ا ب ت book. I recorded it and thought to share it with friends and families. 

Some of what he said were wrong, and I didn't learn Arabic so I didn't correct him. But after that I look up at the Internet, and this is what it's supposed to be. For  تاج , بطة and ثعبان are correct, but other words I need to take note and correct him. After all, good job Izz. Let's learn Arabic together ok Izz! =)

أ - أرنب 

ب  - بطة 

ت - تاج

 ث - ثعبان

 ج -  جمل

 ح -  حصان

 خ -   خروف

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Digital Magazines

Sorry for not updating my blog frequently lately. TQ for those who had emailed me and asking whether I'm ok. Since last week, we were under the weather. No juicy entry should put up here since all of us were sick. It's like a chain reaction. Starting from Izz, then Aiden, me then lastly hubby. He has been 3 days on sick leaves, and yes I'm the nurse in the house.

Back to the story. Yay! I just received my April digital issue of Elle.

A few friends were asking me how to read the digital magazines? Do I only need iPad to read digital magazines? Then I think it's better for me to share it here.

Just go to

If u have an iPad, u can download the iPad app / zinio reader. U can also read the digital magazines from your Mac or PC. Just download the zinio reader for Mac and PC. Then browse the magazines that you want to subscribe.

See, 11 issues of Bazaar just USD10. So u just spend not more than USD1 per issue per month for 1 magazine. Murah kan? The zinio reader apps is easy, u can just flip through the page like reading a real magazine. U can also pinch / zoom in and out.

And sometimes, there's a special features like a video installed where u can't watch it if u buy the real magazines.

Here is my zinio library. Every month they will update me with the latest issue that I've subscribe.

More pictures from my Bazaar issue for me to share it with u

If u want, u can also print it out. Kot2 la sesiapa minat sangat dekat Kim ni nak print out gambar dia buat poster tampal dekat room ( me? Tak koser! ) =P

That's all folks! Enjoy reading n getting knowledge.
Conserve the earth, read digital books or magazines.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blonde or Brunette?

But today I wanna talk about Brunetti!
It's actually a well-known Italian cafe in Melbourne.
And they have opened their branch in Dubai Mall. 
I love seeing their cakes, dessert and handmade chocolates.
They all nice with extraordinary presentation,
Also look delicious!

Tak percaya?
Nah tengok ni!

Macam rambut kan? 
Ada rambut kembang macam kelopak bunga,
Ada rambut kerinting or gulung2 tu,
Sanggul macam Shogun pun ada

Then yg version Mini-Me

Handmade Chocolates
And they nicely wrap in a box

Pening nak pilih which one,
But my heart berkenan nak rasa this one.
Nama dia Profiterole

And I buy the mini version!

And seperti biasa,
orang yg suka sakat saya cakap,
"Sayang, kenapa cucur dia letak chocolate sauce?"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hari Busy Menangkap

 Wait for new stocks at

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aiden and His Lunchbox

Aiden loves to bring his cars wherever he goes. When I wear my tudung and he know that we will go out, he will go to his toybox and get as many cars that he can hold. Sometimes 3 and sometimes 5. Depend on how big are the cars. 

But lately, he got a great idea. Usually, he will put all the toycars behind the stroller. But now, he will put it inside a paperbag and carry it like a handbag. It's all his idea. I never teach him how. Ya Allah, what a great creature you've made here. 

When Izz came back from school, he will take over / hijack Izz's lunchbox. He will open Izz's schoolbag, take out all the leftovers and put on the table. Then he will transport all his toycars inside Izz lunchbox. I think maybe:
1. The lunchbox is hard and always stay in shape compared to a paperbag
2. The lunchbox  safely keep the toycars inside compared to the open top paperbag.
3. The lunchbox has a comfortable handle compared to 2 thin paperbag handle
4. The lunchbox is more stylish because there's an ironman on it compared to pooh
5. It's more manly shape (sort of like a briefcase) compared to a paperbag which is like a tote bag

LOL! So last weekend, I bought him one nice small Candylicious lunchbox and he lurveeeeee it so much. He has been carrying that lunchbox ever since. He put his iPod touch, his toycars, even his lollipop inside it. He once asked me whether I want to put my handphone inside it. Oh Aiden, seriously I can't stop laughing with your antics! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Food Testing

I know the first thing you will see is the jambul dekat lemon meringue tu. But I wanna talk about the scones. This is the first scones I've ever tasted. And it's from Mugg & Bean. I even can't finish it sebab besar sgt n tebal! Makan separuh je boleh rasa full n tak lalu dah. Is the scones should be really this big? I thought scones supposed to be kecil2 comel mcm bola ping pong.

And this is tea cakes. It's actually a marshmallow coated with chocolates and mcm ada cookie based kat bawah. Mmg sedap!

Banana fritters. Melampau tak if I said this is the first time I've tried the banana fritters from a restaurant? Coz I thought it was like pisang goreng, letak syrup and makan with ice cream. Actually mmg pun, but the way they fry the bananas with the hollow that make it very nice.

Red velvet cheese cake. Mmg perghhhh the cheese is very filling and soft. It melts in your mouth. Makan satu mmg kenyang and sampai your tongue pun jadi merah. They are using Oreo as the base buat this cake jadi lagi yummy!

Till then next time when I try something new I'll blog about it. ;)

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet Treats

Apart from the birthday cakes for the past few weeks,
other sweet treats craze are

The magnolia cuppies from Magnolia Bakery

No-one can say NO to this creamy and delicious cuppies,
including hubby
I've tried several flavors, including red velvet, lemon, truffles, carrot, hummingbird, devil's food, etc
Semua sedap!
And I saw dekat bakery tu they make the cuppies using Kitchenaid!
No wonder the toppings of the cuppies semuanya fluffy. =)

talking about Kitchenaid,
last nite I made Pavlova and this time I tried to make Pavlova using the Kitchenaid.
Meringue naik and semua menjadi dgn Kitchenaid ni.

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