Saturday, March 19, 2011

Digital Magazines

Sorry for not updating my blog frequently lately. TQ for those who had emailed me and asking whether I'm ok. Since last week, we were under the weather. No juicy entry should put up here since all of us were sick. It's like a chain reaction. Starting from Izz, then Aiden, me then lastly hubby. He has been 3 days on sick leaves, and yes I'm the nurse in the house.

Back to the story. Yay! I just received my April digital issue of Elle.

A few friends were asking me how to read the digital magazines? Do I only need iPad to read digital magazines? Then I think it's better for me to share it here.

Just go to

If u have an iPad, u can download the iPad app / zinio reader. U can also read the digital magazines from your Mac or PC. Just download the zinio reader for Mac and PC. Then browse the magazines that you want to subscribe.

See, 11 issues of Bazaar just USD10. So u just spend not more than USD1 per issue per month for 1 magazine. Murah kan? The zinio reader apps is easy, u can just flip through the page like reading a real magazine. U can also pinch / zoom in and out.

And sometimes, there's a special features like a video installed where u can't watch it if u buy the real magazines.

Here is my zinio library. Every month they will update me with the latest issue that I've subscribe.

More pictures from my Bazaar issue for me to share it with u

If u want, u can also print it out. Kot2 la sesiapa minat sangat dekat Kim ni nak print out gambar dia buat poster tampal dekat room ( me? Tak koser! ) =P

That's all folks! Enjoy reading n getting knowledge.
Conserve the earth, read digital books or magazines.

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nini ismail said...

got mine! thanks to u!

kaezrin said...

hahaha u are my tok guru library u lebih kurang i nyer jugak

Akak Ratu said...

As salam irene, get well soon sis ;-)

NadiahKhair said...

thanks to u and kak elin, terjebakkkkk juga. dah 3 mags subscribe tapi masa nak membaca amatlah terhadddd.

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