Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aiden and His Lunchbox

Aiden loves to bring his cars wherever he goes. When I wear my tudung and he know that we will go out, he will go to his toybox and get as many cars that he can hold. Sometimes 3 and sometimes 5. Depend on how big are the cars. 

But lately, he got a great idea. Usually, he will put all the toycars behind the stroller. But now, he will put it inside a paperbag and carry it like a handbag. It's all his idea. I never teach him how. Ya Allah, what a great creature you've made here. 

When Izz came back from school, he will take over / hijack Izz's lunchbox. He will open Izz's schoolbag, take out all the leftovers and put on the table. Then he will transport all his toycars inside Izz lunchbox. I think maybe:
1. The lunchbox is hard and always stay in shape compared to a paperbag
2. The lunchbox  safely keep the toycars inside compared to the open top paperbag.
3. The lunchbox has a comfortable handle compared to 2 thin paperbag handle
4. The lunchbox is more stylish because there's an ironman on it compared to pooh
5. It's more manly shape (sort of like a briefcase) compared to a paperbag which is like a tote bag

LOL! So last weekend, I bought him one nice small Candylicious lunchbox and he lurveeeeee it so much. He has been carrying that lunchbox ever since. He put his iPod touch, his toycars, even his lollipop inside it. He once asked me whether I want to put my handphone inside it. Oh Aiden, seriously I can't stop laughing with your antics! 


neeza said...

ololooo..comeynyer aiden.. :D

jelita78 said...

U need a girl now.
So that your bagaholics traits can go to her instead.

IreneYaya said...

Neeza: =)

Aida: Kalaulah boleh dibancuh XXY tu, skrg jugak sudah kubancuh....kot2nya dpt sorang lagi boy, pengsan aku sorang2 kat sini. Tapi kalau dah takdir, kuterima seadanya...tapi biarlah gap jauh sikit, and Aiden school dulu. At least dapatla aku bernafas skit.

U camne? Bila plan nak menambah? =P

KS said...

comelll!!! perangai lebih kurang kemal. kalo
Nak kuar mmg habis small toys dia bawak sampai tak muat tgn.. hehe

jelita78 said...

sama laa kita!!
in my case, laki aku yg takut nak bancuh sekali lagi ni sbb takut dapat boy!
aku sangatlaa tak sabar nak pregnant lagi! donno why, but i think my womb is itching for another baby! be it girl or boy, aku tak kisah!
kalau laki, senang aku, baju takyah beli baru.. huhu.. passing saje..
and kalu girl, syukur..

yanie said...

cute luncbox dia! yg LV punya ada x mommy???

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