Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet Treats

Apart from the birthday cakes for the past few weeks,
other sweet treats craze are

The magnolia cuppies from Magnolia Bakery

No-one can say NO to this creamy and delicious cuppies,
including hubby
I've tried several flavors, including red velvet, lemon, truffles, carrot, hummingbird, devil's food, etc
Semua sedap!
And I saw dekat bakery tu they make the cuppies using Kitchenaid!
No wonder the toppings of the cuppies semuanya fluffy. =)

talking about Kitchenaid,
last nite I made Pavlova and this time I tried to make Pavlova using the Kitchenaid.
Meringue naik and semua menjadi dgn Kitchenaid ni.


I.Q.W.A said...

sedapnye :(

YaNie said...

irene buatkan meringue satu for the twins birthday this saturday.. special delivery bley :P


yes, kitchenaid memang sangat best. i bought mine 6 years ago and it has served me well sampai sekarang. worth every penny! :)

Diana Sulaiman said...

yaya.. serius i xtau u ade blog???? huhuhu nampak sangat ketinggalan.. apa lagi.. i add u kat blog i la eh? hehehe

KS said...

kahkahkah... patut tersedak, disebut2 :P

tapi mmgkan.. fluffy je semua frosting.. syok je tgk..

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