Monday, February 28, 2011


Remember SATC Carrie? Carrie once said "I love to see my money hanging in my wardrobe". Well, you need to have a niceeeeee wardrobe if u really want to see how your hard-earned money hanging there right? =P

I do some search and google and Walla! All I can do is just droolllllll....

Carrie SATC Closet

Kimora, Mariah Carey, Nicky Hilton and Eva

Olivia Wilde
 Christina Aguilera
 Jessica Alba
Ashley Tisdale

Lots of them are so dreamy and like livingin a tale.
Ok, let's be real!!! They are hollywood stars.

 And here are more...

This is so formal. Yikes
 The owner must be very lucky because this wardrobe has a lot of space!

This is so practical for those who love to collect accessories

And lastly...from SATC Movie 1 & 2

And another dream closet..I love this!

Dreamy dreamy Yaya! Oh come on...sekali sekala drool why not kan? Nasib baik drool tu free. LOL
Ok, let's get real. Back to work everyone! And I have to go back to my chores, ada setimbun baju nak kena gosok. hahaha


sisdee said...

wah!! :O

teringin sgt mmg tapi..tak pe kita pun nk berangan gaks :)

I.Q.W.A said...

akak.. sy pon teringin camni.. best je kan.. tersusun je semua bende ..

Mrs Faizal said...

alaaa yaya anytime je bleh buat gitu :D

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