Monday, February 21, 2011

One Year Older, One Year Wiser

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm so happy and thankful at this 31 years of life. I received a few phone calls from family and friends and wished me Happy Birthday. When they asked me what I wished for, I didn't know what to say. And at one point I was asking myself, "I think the right answer is  a semi-d / corner-lot house with island kitchen cabinet and walk-in closet to have everything stay the same just as they are now."

I am happy to be a SAHM eventhough sometimes I hate the routine of it. Hey, it's the most important job around and I am happy I can also look good doing it by carrying my C. I am also happy I have my own income from my apartment and business, and during those bad days I can go out and buy my sons their ice-creams and toys with what I earn. I am happy to have a brilliant and loving husband who could accept that I am not perfect and did not complaining about work that I did only halfway. I am happy I have quality friends who always remind me to be me and accepting myself as I am. I am also happy that I have the chance to do business around my passion and being surrounded by loyal customers (who I consider as friends). 

On the celebration, here are some pictures. This year, everything came early, especially the presents and wishes. But I love the last gifts, the cake, the cards and the flowers. I felt so special yesterday. Thank you my boys!

Hubby was taking a leave and drove us to Dubai.
First place we headed was Magnolia Bakery and I was having 2 doses of cuppies!
Lunch at Ping Pong eating the yummy dim sum

My Lychee Lemongrass Mocktails
 Almost terbeli lagi pressie yesterday. Cantik tak? Should I or shouldn't I?
But suddenly I felt I don't need it and insaf sekejap pagi tadi bila tgk orang kerja sapu jalan raya.
Found something missing? Hubby buat joke, HAPP!!! Birthday Yaya. LOL

The lovely cards and roses. =)


neeza said...

happy belated birthday yaya..semoga setiap pertambahan usia sentiasa teriring dengan barakah Ilahi & kasih sayang yang berpanjangan..amiin :)

NadiahKhair said...

Happy birthday kak yaya!!

Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki for u and ur family and moga dapat itu semi D/corner lot with island kitchen and a walk-in-wardrobe jua!


I.Q.W.A said...

happy bday akak!! :) :)

nini ismail said...

happy birthday...

so happy to see the cute candle on the cake, the hand stamp on the card and sweet lovely flower... u have a sweet romantic hubby laaa... alhamdulillah...

May Allah bless u... amin

jelita78 said...

Happy bday yaya !!
I am happy to be your friend too !!
Wishing u many more happiness to come.. Aminnnnn

kaezrin said...

Yaya..syukur kan...

Whatever as i said i am wishing u more more joyous to come ok..

Take care n agaian happy birthday darlingggg

IreneYaya said...

Neeza: TQ very much for the great wish dear! Amin =)

NadiahKhair: TQ Nad! And also TQ for wishing that too. InsyaAllah...amin! =)

IQWA: TQ Iqwa! =)

Nini: TQ Nini! Alhamdulillah. Amin. =)

Aida: TQ bebs! I'm happy too. Amin... =)

Elin: Alhamdulillah...TQ darlinggg...and u take care too. =)

Lils said...

Happy birthday Irene! may God give you all the happiness (dunia/akhirat). Amin :)

Syakira said...

Happy bday kak yaya..still muda remaja :).Wishing u more beautiful days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Aww.. so schweet! Happy bday Irene! One year wiser

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