Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back From Dubai,

with this precious arm candy. *wink* Congrats babe, it's truly a beauty. =)
image: googled

Friday, January 29, 2010

Air Asia Cancels Flight to Abu Dhabi Starting 21st Feb

Have anyone heard this news or is it just false rumors? If true kesian kat saya menanti my brothers datang sini!!! huhuhuhu and also tak jadilah nak balik time summer nanti! =(

A friend of mine said it's in Air Asia facebook, so saper ada facebook boleh tolong check untuk saya?


I am not a first time buyer, but this time when purchasing a property then I realize actually we can opt  for MLTA instead of MRTA. If I knew the existance of MLTA from the first time, I would have choose for MLTA rather than MRTA. The differences are:

MRTA (Mortgage Reducing or Decreasing Term Assurance)
  • Coverage in case of death and TPD (total permanent disability) is based on reducing term. eg: If something happen after the 10th year u purchase a property, then the MRTA insurance will cover the rest.
  • The premium is non-transferable. If u sell the property and buy another property, new MRTA policy has to be taken up whenever a borrower changes his properties or refinances his loan with another bank
  • No cash value, it is an expense with zero cash value at end of the mortgage tenure.

 MLTA (Mortgage Level Term Assurance)
  • Coverage in case of death and TPD (total permanent disability) is based on level term. eg: If something happen after the 10th year u purchase a property, then the MLTA still will cover the insurance based on the value of your property
  • The premium is transferable and u can only buy once in your lifetime. If u sell the property and buy another property, just adjust the sum assured to match the new loan, as many times as you need.
  • Full cash value in returns, premium paid will be accumulated either as savings or savings plus returns. The cash value can be used when you have finish of your property mortgage.
For first timer property buyer, I would advice u to get MLTA so that when you are thinking to sell off and buy again a new property, u don't need to waste money again like we did!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Simple Story With Pictures

Haha, hujung minggu baru nak cerita...Trying to make a story filled with pictures:

Last weekends, we went to

Inside that place, we went to

to find birthday present for

Finally he knew what he wanted and

We went back home and

The End. =D

Last Night I Dreamt Of,


Oppss..not this guy, (tapi for a geek tech guy, handsomela jugak kan? ;))
 Actually the thing that he is holding...which is a good product positioning point:
between iPhone and Macbook!
To those who is using netbook (but netbook byk limitation kan?) and this one fully touch screen...
can watch movies, gaming, photos, even u can use iWorks...
and also can be used as an e-book reader (habisla amazonkindle) and u can just buy e-book at iBooks!

I luuurrrve the new iPad! 
Price from USD499

Read more at engadget and gizmodo news.
And at

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

EJ Breaking News

What's up Y'all...just want to update my blog readers that there will be a pre-loved LV vernis wallet in Pomme D'Amor for sale. In case if anyone interested, please proceed to buy it on Euphoria Junction website. I also put a few new bags at really good price on sale in EJ and my picks are the YSL muse and Gucci Hysteria....It's in understated elegance shock!!! BTW, there's a promotion, if u buy the classic NEW Ferragamo Marissa bag, get a 2Gb iPod Shuffle in green for free! ;) While stocks lasts.

Keropok Express

One of the "must have" food / makanan ruji for every Terengganu-rians living abroad...hehehe...every year I must bring back to Abu Dhabi at least 50 packs of keropoks or else I will die with hunger!!! LOL =P

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Count Your Blessings

Living here give me insight on how many rich people live their life. Ada boat, their villas macam resort, boleh beli ferrari macam beli ayam kat pasar, any type of bags they can have, diamonds, gold, baccarat crystals, makan pun hidang macam2, tapi yg they sentuh and betul2 makan just only a part of it...jadi macam untuk hiasan table je the foods..isk isk isk...takut pulak... However, don't forget also to see the poor. There's also a lot of unfortunate people who came from Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. The Emirati is very rich, even if they work menjaga counter dekat bank or post office pun their government bagi gaji belas2 ribu sebulan, but kerja macam salesgirl etc usually yg take over is the Philipines. Ada some yg make good money, but macam taxi driver or porter or building workers, kesian sebenarnya...

I pernah ask, berapa they make sebulan..they said below 2 ribu tapi yg mahalnya nak bayar bedspace. Accomondation sgt mahal kat sini sekarang, bedspace sahaja sharing 4 orang in one small room dalam AED600-AED800 sebulan...and bayangkan, my apartment yg company cover dulu the rental is AED135k and in 4 years now naik jadi AED330k per annum! Berganda-ganda living cost and inflation rate naik per year. Then they nak hantar duit kat family, yg tinggal just dalam AED300 untuk makan they only makan roti yang bila tak habis they simpan pulak untuk lunch, sedih sangat tengok and i feel them...(sebab dulu time student kan mesti pernah rasa, tapi tu sebab tak reti manage duit scholarship hihihi)...and yg lagi sedih especially tengok yg dah tua but still have to work, and bila u naik cab, they cerita about their kids and how proud they are with their kids eventhough they can only see them berapa hari dalam setahun.

Another thing is eventhough they all susah but they tak buat crime and respect us as sesama muslims. Crime is very minimum kat sini. Most of them are very good muslims yang sometimes some of them bila masuk waktu sembahyang je, terus pergi masjid or bila kat tengah highway, they stopped and sembahyang kat desert. Well, tak bolehla nak generalize jugak, ada jugak yang kurang ajar, but it's very minimal. Part yang funny bila tengok gaya they all bergambar...fuh posing macam hero hindustan! hehehe...

My Version of Ayam Diet!


Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Marry a Millionaire

Tacky isn't it? Well, money alone can't buy happiness ok....but I really like the Stella Luna tactics. They create whimsical shoe boxes with this tagline. I loike! I think I only want to buy one just because I want the box...hahaha

And Yay! There's a Stella Luna Shoes boutique here, just opened in Dubai Mall. Will buy one Stella Luna someday. Click here to see a fashionable mommy was having her Stella Luna shopping spree. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Starting My Nike Run Today!

Frankly, today is my 1st day I begin to run again in 2010. I've stopped running and going to the gym 2 months ago.

I need to be consistent until I reach my goal. I have to do this because I don't want people around me keep asking "are you pregant again??" or " how come u have been gaining weight??" huwaaaaaa....

I met a Malaysian girl in Zara last week and I was shocked and terrified with myself when I knew she has 4 kids. The eldest is 13 years old because at first I thought she is a single stewardess who is baru 25 years old!!! How meh nak jadi kencang macam tu?

I have to run, run, and run! How many km per day actually I should run? Coz baru 2.73km and burning 200 calories dah penat betul ni....huhuhuhu

An Eternal Love

I don't like the "disharmonious burning skull"and "angry shouting tiger" design, but really lurrrvveeee this puple rose (ala-ala macam poison ivy gittew! ;)) and also the exotic japanese woman. Really susah nak jumpa kat sini but I was lucky this time. Yay!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Plymouth Car

Dubai is the home for most of the riches people in the world so being here my eyes has been wide open to see a few exotic cars. Usually seen Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari, Porsche memang bersepah, Hummer Limosine (memang besar!!!), etc Tak dapat merasa, dapat tengok jadilah kan. ;)

But this time I saw this weird car and never in my life I know the existance of the Plymouth Car. Seriously, macam toy car hotwheel Aiden but in a very big version. And u know who drove the car??? A lady! Never underestimate the power of a woman guys!!! =D

Friday, January 22, 2010

On His Day

Thinking to combine his birthday together with Izz this February, but of course I feel guilty not doing anything for him on his day. So I went out to buy his cake and put some decorations. We had a great time finishing this little boy birthday cake! =) The last picture was 2 days ago with his gift. Nnt kita pergi Toys'r'Us with papa pulak k?


Terrible Twos

Memang tepat on his birthday! Tantrums, mengamuk tak tentu hala and here is the evidence dia nak marah and spank his brother. =) Aiden oh Aiden

P/S: I just learn how to blog from Blogwriter using my iPhone! Easy peazy, lagi rajinlah saya nak blog nnt!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aiden Isaac is 2 Years Old!

A tribute to my son Aiden Isaac since today is his 2nd birthday! Mama, Papa and Abang Izz love Aiden very much! Your laughter always fill happiness in our home! Be a good boy and mama papa always doakan Aiden to be an anak yang soleh and success in the world and thereafter...amin...

Born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, by 2 years old we already brought him to Gold Coast-Australia, back to Malaysia twice, Istanbul-Turkey and Muscat-Oman. Brought up by my own hands, seeing him growing healthy been really a great pleasure. Happy birthday my boy!

It's Purely An Art!

I wonder how they can beautifully made this bag, very very detail and there's no mess, no defect and everything seems so perfect! Bottega Veneta makes me wonder a lot! I really adore this brand for their quality, art and the luxurious feels. I wonder how they weave the leather beautifully and put all the embossed details without any glue stain or defect. The leather is so buttery soft, the shape, the slouchiness....I love everything about it!

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