Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Night I Dreamt Of,


Oppss..not this guy, (tapi for a geek tech guy, handsomela jugak kan? ;))
 Actually the thing that he is holding...which is a good product positioning point:
between iPhone and Macbook!
To those who is using netbook (but netbook byk limitation kan?) and this one fully touch screen...
can watch movies, gaming, photos, even u can use iWorks...
and also can be used as an e-book reader (habisla amazonkindle) and u can just buy e-book at iBooks!

I luuurrrve the new iPad! 
Price from USD499

Read more at engadget and gizmodo news.
And at


naddy said...

aah cool kan... i wonder bila la masuk malaysi*a... and how much la plak jadinya ehehehe but best lah, nak travel x yah bwk macbook dah, bwk ipad je :)

IreneYaya said...

Naddy, April available in US, maybe May-June baru sampai internationally. Tula, I was thinking the same too...tak payah bawak laptop berat2...hehehehe...can't wait!

naddy said...

hopefully lah may-june sampai msia, bole la i get for bday ehehehe yup kalau travel bwk ipad pun dh ok, x yah bwk bulky2 laptop bag ke apa ehehe

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