Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Apple TV and iTunes are Great Combo!

Between all my husband's gadgets, I love the Apple TV the most. Why?

1. It's the longest gadgets that he has ever used. Why I say that? Because everytime he owns a gadget, he usually will re-buy the same one but in the higher or new version. e.g: MacBook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air & Consoles & Cameras & Handphones etc.

2. I can watch my kiddoz pictures and videos streaming from my macbook to apple tv.

3. We do not need longer time to wait for the torrent movies finished downloading. We also do not need to call that chinese guy to bring the copied DVD which had a very poor quality and deteriorating the satisfaction of watching movies. With Apple TV, all we need to do is just to rent from iTunes!!!

It's only from USD3.99. From the last 3 days I've been watching all the movies as below:
1. The Hangover
2. 500 Days of Summer
3. Drag Me To Hell
4. A Perfect Getaway
5. The Brother's Bloom
6. Sunshine Cleaning
7. The Last House on The Left
8. Carriers
9. Four Christmases
10. Meet Bill
11. Idiocracy

Yeahhh...Apple TV ruless!

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