Thursday, January 14, 2010

World's Most Killer Dad

What would you do if your partner in life is actually a serial killer?

If you are bored and want to follow a new TV series, I would recommend you to watch Dexter. It's one of the best thriller TV series ever! The plot is hilarious but at the same time creepy because Dexter is a serial killer who only kills serial killers. Being rated R, I don't think you should watch this show in front of your kids. Lagipun banyak harsh words and cara killing yang GANAS!!!...usually we will watch Dexter when the kids were already asleep. I love the intro...I think it's the all time best opening sequence. Intro dia actually symbolically showing cara-cara untuk killing....creative! ;)

Download or Rent Dexter from the first season, first episode and I bet u won't be moving from the screen. Telling you the truth, Dexter is far better than CSI!

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