Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Purely An Art!

I wonder how they can beautifully made this bag, very very detail and there's no mess, no defect and everything seems so perfect! Bottega Veneta makes me wonder a lot! I really adore this brand for their quality, art and the luxurious feels. I wonder how they weave the leather beautifully and put all the embossed details without any glue stain or defect. The leather is so buttery soft, the shape, the slouchiness....I love everything about it!


m.o.m said...

True !!.
It's only mcm ketupat ajer kan, ha ha ha ...musti rajin sape yang menganyam tuuu !.

I saw in Melbourne haritu, takde sale, still aud4k++. But a friend of mine bought in Singapore, sale pulak ..even kat KL pon masa I balik haritu, sale beria.

I've got BV long wallet, ..nice, the leather rasa mcm nak makan !!


IreneYaya said...

Sungguh detail ketupat ini...kudos to the maker! Sini sale 30% saja...tapi oklah, at least ada less kan...I know the wallet, I ske sangat!! All benda kecik2 dia pun lawo esp the pouch...just kena careful sket because of the pre-dominant pigskin lining. =)

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