Saturday, January 16, 2010

Non-Identical Twins!

Congratulations! Already posted just now and hoping it will be reaching it's lucky owner soon. ;)


naddy said...

nice :) im sure the owner will be very2 happy ;)

m.o.m said...

Irene, is anybody nak jual Goyard ??? lemme know !! There's no way I can buy here, sbb the shops only ada dkt certain countries sahaja !

It's a shopping tote, mcm Neverfull ! Comes in green, black and pink !


Mrs Taz said...

sape la lucky owner tu ? hehehe

IreneYaya said...

Naddy: I really hope the owner will be very2 happy ;) hehehe
Rini: St Louis Shopping Tote kan? Kaler2 dia pun yummy...but I pun tak pernah nampak Goyard kat sini. Nanti I try caru maybe kat Burjuman kot n inform u k? =)
K Zia: Adala, confidential ;) padahal both of us tahu saper....muahahaha..

m.o.m said...

haah, i want i want !!. A friend of mine bought for me, when she went to Paris last Summer, tapi kaler yang dia beli I kurang bekenan. I want either green or oren ( itam pon okeh )...cantikkkkk !!!

if ada lemme know eh.

thanks !


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