Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Marry a Millionaire

Tacky isn't it? Well, money alone can't buy happiness ok....but I really like the Stella Luna tactics. They create whimsical shoe boxes with this tagline. I loike! I think I only want to buy one just because I want the box...hahaha

And Yay! There's a Stella Luna Shoes boutique here, just opened in Dubai Mall. Will buy one Stella Luna someday. Click here to see a fashionable mommy was having her Stella Luna shopping spree. 


Anonymous said...

Salam Irene,

Hope still remember me, Lindah. I just went your FP and found out that you have moved here. Selamat berblogging k..napa tak aktif FB? anak2pun semua dah besar.


IreneYaya said...

Salam Lindah..FB I dah inactive... hubby marah coz dulu I ada add a few guys in my list! So no-no to FB dah. =)

m.o.m said...


I have sent you an email dekat

Please check and let me know asap.



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