Sunday, January 10, 2010

The History of Our Cookery

6 years being married, I never asked hubby to replace the cookery. I just used the existing Corelle yang my sister bagi and also some of the made in China kualis and periuks. He used to ask me whether I need anything, but I said, it's ok...we can still use the existing because I bukan fancy sgt cookery ni and sayang nak buang yang dah ada.

Then last 3 years his ex-boss from Petronas came to Abu Dhabi for courses, and we planned to invite him to come for lunch. So, takkan nak serve guest pakai Corelle lama yang dah tak cukup pieceskan? So he asked me to find one set of cookery....I pening nak pilih! Last2 dia yang pilih Luminarc and beli this big set yg everything came in 12 pieces! I thought okla, cukup dah pakai yang ni hari-hari but then last month, he came home one day and bought these! He said dia jalan2 and berkenan with corelle yang square and nak i serve the foods inside the corelle. Lerrrr...why tak cakap..sebab bila umur dah meningkat ni saya dah terikut jadi macam style mak2 and started to fancy china... But luckily bunga yang dia pilih not bad....And also because my mom cakap Visions bagus, dia terus pergi beli Visions jugak.

By the way, I hope one day when we will be in Stoke-on-Trent, UK I'll get the chance to choose the cookery yang I nak. Hope je lah...bila nak pergi ntah.


kaezrin said...

i suke jugak set nih...:P

IreneYaya said...

I baru nak start hafal tgk collections dia bila terpengaruh dgn website u lah! Kalau tak mmg I kisah pon. hahahha

Lils said...

Irene! stoke-on-trent sangat dekat ngan manchester and everyone yang jauh jauh pun dah sampai. I je yang tak penah pegi lagi :0

come la to stoke-on-trent. boleh i jupe u. hehe

IreneYaya said...

Alright! Irene nak pergi mmg confirm nak jumpa lily! Heard mcm ada Thomas n train park around there jugak nak bawak budak2 tecik ni. =)

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