Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Royal Orchid

This is definitely one of the best places to dine in Dubai. Love the settings...Residing besides the Fesival City Marina, the place is quiet with nice angin sempoi-sempoi! We had "unlimited" dim sum over there and the price is quite fair. (as for the Dubai standard)

We should go there and have lunch or dinner again!  Will upload more pictures here. 


Mrs Taz said...

wah bestnye dah ada blog , baru puas tengok :)

boleh bayang camne best nye angin dia yg sempoi-sempoi tu ... sejuk nyaman kan?

rajin2 update ye yaya ..


IreneYaya said...

Hehehe...yes mam. Yaya akan melalut byk lagi n Bagila yaya kunci untuk blog k zia jugak. Nak cari ilham. =)

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