Friday, January 8, 2010

How To Survive Designer Boutique Visits.

As requested by Rania, here are some tips to survive your visit to designer boutique.

1. Confidence.
I remember the first time I went into the boutique...I was afraid at first, but with confidence, I pushed the door and stepped in immediately to the boutique. Usually when u step into the boutique, the SA (Sales Assistant) will assist u immediately and ask, "Can I help you?". I answer with a smile and saying "I just want to see around to find something that I like"

2. Be Friendly
If u be friendly, I think everything will be fine. Try to be yourself. Eventhough sometimes the SA that assist u is not friendy and have this eerie eyes towards your dressing or whatsoever, just be friendly and nice to them. I used to deal with a very snobbish SA which I don't really like, it turned out ugly. So during the next visit, I go to her directly and ask her if there's any other SA who could assist me besides her. I think everybody is a potential customer. Maybe when we enter the designer boutique the first time we will not gonna buy, but we might to enter the boutique again to buy. So, there's no reason for them to NOT assist us or whatever reason having a discrimination towards us. Maybe because we are from Asian (well sometimes they thought kita taraf Indon maid), it doesn't mean we don't have money to spend, right?

3. Ask politely.
Only ask the price of the items you really like or be honest just to tell her how much is your budget and is there is anything that she can show u between your range of budget. It will be easy for u to choose and for her to assist.

4. Appreciate.
If u decide not to buy yet, maybe u could tell her that "I appreciate on your assistant, I'll go home and think about it seriously".  She/He might feel offended if u tell her U want to go to other shops to compare, which actually I suka scout around and compare and try a few designers rather than to stick to one =)

and last but not least...
5. Don't get stunned wih the price!
Unless if it's on sale, designer items in designer boutique can be ridiculously pricey. Don't get stunned with the price...and if u think maybe u can't afford but just wanna have to try and touch the luxury item for 1sec, ask them politely that u wanna try the bag for a while.

I guess that's all. The most important rule is stay who you are and be frank. Remember that they are humans too and their job is to assist you (but jgn buat sombong pulak, nnt she'll be disgust at you).  But beware because once u step into the boutique, maybe u don't wanna get out because too overwhelmed with their gorgeous items, and might cost you a few sleepless nights. LOL =P


juaini said...

Well said =)

Used to have the same eerie feeling too but now "redah je" ;-)

IreneYaya said...

Hi juani, tula, now main redah je.

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