Sunday, January 24, 2010

Starting My Nike Run Today!

Frankly, today is my 1st day I begin to run again in 2010. I've stopped running and going to the gym 2 months ago.

I need to be consistent until I reach my goal. I have to do this because I don't want people around me keep asking "are you pregant again??" or " how come u have been gaining weight??" huwaaaaaa....

I met a Malaysian girl in Zara last week and I was shocked and terrified with myself when I knew she has 4 kids. The eldest is 13 years old because at first I thought she is a single stewardess who is baru 25 years old!!! How meh nak jadi kencang macam tu?

I have to run, run, and run! How many km per day actually I should run? Coz baru 2.73km and burning 200 calories dah penat betul ni....huhuhuhu


m.o.m said...

Yaya, you're not alone.
6 weeks cuti ( xmas, new year ), I naik 2kg. Ni semua holiday, makan ikut suka hati mak bapak ajer. Plus, with Adam tak sekolah, mak ai ..susah I nak pergi walking. What with hi temperature nowadays, certain days sampai 44C, gile laa kan nak pegi walking.

Now am back into routine. Adam will be at school this coming Thursday, cuti semua dah abis. Start doing 45-1hour walking everyday, sometimes sehari 2 kali pagi and petang. Cut down all white carb ...alhamdulillah, in 2 days ive lost 500g. Even tak banyak, am satisfied ..because I believe, to lose weight is to exercise and jaga makan. I dont believe in all the diet stuff ....


IreneYaya said...

Me believe in exercise too! Walaupun susah, sebab nak save so that I can use my old bajus and of course every woman wanna to look good!

Panasnya Sydney sekarang.. Tapi takleh challenge sini lagilah, kalau tengah hari time summer tu, can be up to 50 degreess! Time tu kalau keluar rumah very seksa!!! =)

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