Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 has been a tremendous year for us. I am hoping 2011 will be better in terms of spiritual, health and material. I am so thankful Alhamdulillah for everything that Allah has given me especially the love from my family and friends. I couldn't ask for more. My aim for 2011 is to be a better person in every aspect. Happy new year peeps and may 2011 be the best year for us.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The $11 Million Tree!

Look at this Xmas tree. It looks the same like any other Xmas trees right?

Okla...maybe because it's in black and white, so look this picture below, do u think the tree is worth $11 Million? Nahhhh...I don't think so

Nothing unusual until I look closer... 

and closer

and CLOSER!!! (they have jewelery watches!))
I wished I was Plastic Woman so that I could reach and pluck all the jewels hanging on the Xmas tree! I prayed hard but sheesh it didn't happen! lol
So all I could do was go around the tree and take lots and lots of photos!

At first I could not believe the price of jewelery reached up to $1 million a piece?!! (baik beli rumah kan) But then I did some research and yes, it can because it depends on the size and quality of the stones / diamonds

At first I tought it was such a waste the government just spent their money on a Xmas tree, but actually it was sponsored to enter the Guinness World Book of Record as the World's Most Expensively Dressed Tree.

The amazing part is that there were no guards at all! There are only 2 unarmed Emirates Palace staff; no guns or tasers. And I told hubby, we still have a chance just to steal one... satu pun jadilah...
haha kidding!...then hubby said there were guards but they might be wearing normal clothes so visitors wouldn't feel petrified.

And we wrapped up our visit with hubby taking photos of us all around the Emirates Palace. =)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Like A Virgin

Nothing beats the Virgin Megastore
I love to go around the Virgin,
Not to find the albums and DVDs,
Not to find books and magazines,
Not to find gadgets or musical instruments,
But the cute and weird little stuffs that is hard to find somewhere else

I love to see this fashionable scrapbook kits,

I was being tricked with this cakewich molds

Love this robots and I wanna-eat-your-brains cupcake molds
This already almost dead gingy mold and ninjabreadmen mold
What is other great way to say i love you in the morning?
(habislaaa tinggi cholesterol hubby lepas ni)

Or sometimes bila one day leka duduk depan laptop sedar2 dah pukul 5pm,
tapi dapur belum berasap and hubby dah balik kerja,
kita just letak inflatable turkey bawah saji ckp dah masak
then senyap2 order foods! LOL =P

Something kewl and chill!

This one suitable for Aiden and Izz

and there are much more cool stuffs there!

~We outside the Virgin.~

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Gift From My Heart On His Birthday

Yesterday was hubby's 32nd birthday. We already celebrated his birthday on the weekends, but on his day, nakla jugak prepare something special from me.... so I cooked his favourite foods - Nasi kunyit and rendang ayam. Enjoy the piccas from his new camera. ;)

We pray that you will have a great health, diberkati usia, rezeki, ilmu, menjadi ahli syurga and success in everything you do. 
InsyaAllah, Ameen.

Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm Cheating Again

This entry is more like a confession. Last weekends, we went to Dubai to see the Xmas decorations. We walked around the mall then mulalah perut bergendang. While we were thinking what to eat, Aiden gave his suggestion to eat "eskreng". We found Pinkberry, and had our Froyo with Berries. (Atkins said having froyo in moderation is ok)

Then during dinner I was kempunan to eat the TomYum at this Thai restaurant. I feels like it's ok just eating the rice noodles and glass noodles, lagipun I walked a lot in the malls so I've burned a lot of calories actually. (Supposed it's a no-no!)

Then the next day we went to Dubai Mall. In Dubai Mall, I passed through Dean & Deluca (BIG MISTAKE!) and Aiden was saying, " hungry, I wang ka keks". So I bought 2 cuppies.

Then since Dean & Deluca is near to Laduree, I terus beli 15 keping macarons. (TERRIBLE MISTAKE!) Dah alang2 dgn cuppies, macarons, terus pergi Magnolia beli Red Velvet cuppies and Lemon Meringue Cuppies. Memang takde kira diet langsung. But I was like I don't care, it's not like everyday I was able to eat the Magnolia cakes & Laduree. Once dah depan mata orang cakap itulah dinamakan rezeki, so janganla tolak....kan, kan, kan? =P 

~Magnolia Lemon Meringue cuppies ada lemon fillings~

But bila dah kenyang makan tu adala sedikit sesal how hard for me to tahan nafsu. At that point of time I really respect some of the skinny people who could maintain their body by not eating sweets and stuffs. How they can manage to resist all those temptations? But for me, life is too short to deprive from the foods you really love. While it doesn’t give you the license to binge on cake all day, it’s important to indulge from time to time and enjoy favorite foods in moderation. Tapi sekali makan 2 cuppies sehari ok ke? hehehe

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Not MINE....

.........but it's HERBAG!
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