Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Park That Is Meant For The Family

Why I call the park that is meant for the family?
Because the name of the park is Family Park

Now, this park is our favorite hanging out place in the weekends morning.

While Izz and Aiden playing at the playground,
We sat on the bench watching them
I asked hubby, what should we do when they are all grown up?

I guess we should just enjoy the moment while we still can.
and then hubby said Yes.
Seriously I love spending time with them.
And now is the best time to play with them
I seriously don't feel like wasting every seconds to do other things
I just want to be with them so I can laugh, tickles, hearing all the cute words from their mouth

Love you sons,
I feel like I want to freeze them so they will not growing up so fast!
Eh kejap, is it just me or ada ke orang lain nak buat anak camtu? =P


Dania's mummy said...

cutenya aiden peluk izz

jelita78 said...

same here!
amin's 6th birthday baru je lepas and i end up meraung as usual.
i hate the fact that he has grown up so fast!
tahun depan dah darjah satu!!
sedeyyyy siottt..

wanita biasa said...

chomel la boys hug hug cam ni

anak anak kau tak gaduh ke? anak aku both girls gaduh sampai aku tension . hihi

IreneYaya said...

Dania's Mum: =) Selalu bila goodbye tu pelukla, ciumla...bila jumpa kdg2 wrestling!

Aida: Sedey kan?kan?

Hajja: Biasalah tu bebs, budak-budak ni..kdg2 gaduh, kadang2 baik. hehehe

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