Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy 39th Birthday UAE!

I was here since they celebrated their 35th Birthday. WOW, I didn't realize that. Is it TOO LONG? I guess if u enter a University at that time, you already graduated by now. It's a surprise that we always feel new. Seriously, around winter we always feel new, but when around summer........@#$%!^@&#^*@&. Hihi I think u know what I mean.

Here are some pictures that I took which is relevant to National Day

1. Izz's school is celebrating National Day so everybody has to wear their national costume. Izz was proudly wearing our Baju Melayu on that day.

2. The Emiratis will usually decorate the road with flags and decorative lights. They also will decorate their cars just for the National Day.

3. During the first 2 years here, we usually will go out and see what's happening during the National Day Eve. But starting from 3rd year onwards, we will just stay in the house and watch the colourful lights and fireworks from the window or from our small and dusty balcony. =)

Happy Birthday UAE! TQ for giving us chance to stay in this country. It's also great to be independent and to learn other culture. May UAE will always be a peaceful and prosperous nation and rakyatnya sentiasa dilindungi Allah SWT. Amin....

P/S: Walau sehebat mana Abu Dhabi & Dubai, Malaysia tetap dihatiku......

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