Friday, December 3, 2010

Ferrari World

Maybe you have heard before the word Disney World, Movie World, Dream World, Sea World. All of these are theme parks; as with Ferrari World. It was opened a few weeks ago in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, and it is well known for its fastest roller coaster in the world.

As the name suggests, the park is full of Ferrari. It is actually an indoor theme park (the largest indoor theme park), but the roller coaster track extends outside of the park's isolated interior. The concept of the building is of an alien spaceship parked in the middle of the desert. Hats off to the architects who designed the building.

The first place we went is to the Mamma Rosella restaurant. The restaurants inside here are mostly Italian as Ferrari itself is based in Italy. No kidding, the eats were really magnifico!

Then we went to try a few rides. It's a bummer that Aiden was only eligible to enter only 2 rides from the entire park. He fell short of their measuring sticks. Nasib baik ticket Aiden free. Cian ye Aiden, tunggu Aiden tinggi skit then we will bring you again, k?

Well now let's see some Ferrari's. There's loads and loads of Ferrari here. We were not interested with Ferrari nor sports cars, just looking for fun. But I bet there must've been a lot of rich Emiratis buying Ferrari's at their "souvenir shop." =P

I was so excited to ride the Formula Rossa and also a few thrill rides but with the kids around, hubby said let's come back next time when our family members are coming here and they are willing to look after the kids. Moreover, the rides are still new. In case anything happen, make sure you have been prepared for insurance akhirat dulu...hihihi. Bila dengar like that terus saya cancel my niat...lagipun we will still be here in Abu Dhabi for a few more years.

So here is the video of a Ferrari World attraction from YouTube. Enjoy and make sure, if you want to visit Abu Dhabi, include Ferarri World in your itinerary.


jelita78 said...

smart tu ferrari! just love the red ferrari very much!

but nothing beats your chanel!
cun siotttt!
saiz jumbo ke maxi ke medium tu?

IreneYaya said...

Yes, that ferrari red mmg cuns! I saw ada minah arab yg duduk same building dgn I pakai chanel red ferrari flap with gold hardware. Serious rasa mcm nak snatch je that bag from her. hihihi =P

My flap is Jumbo. Love this one more than my Maxi flap because the chain is longer, and this one is made by lambskin. Lambskin best coz it's soft and gebussss.

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