Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Answer Is....

At first i thought it's an ultraman, or maybe a spiderman
Risau ada, nak tergelak pun ada
Then I bravely asked him, 
Moi: what do u want to be Izz?
Izz: hmmm....fireman!
Moi: What is this a fireman? *while showing the drawing to him*
Izz: Yes, teacher said fireman is red. But I love colourful
Moi: Then what is this? *While pointing at the round circle thing*
Izz: This is a gas mask. Fireman is wearing a gas mask.
Moi: I get it! LOL

Thank God it's not an ultraman, spiderman or robot. hihi, Izz oh Izz

So congrats to Ayuamin.
This will arrive to you in a few days =)
 To others, good try.
I was worried if takde orang participate sure boring. =(
So I want to say TQ for participating.
Don't fret, I will make more quizzes after this
Maybe it'll be your chance to win. =)


KS said...

babe, lenkali bgtau kat twitter yg u buat kuiz.. i nak join gak.. ni dah terlepas dah ni hehehe..

IreneYaya said...

Baiklah! Lupa nak On twitter tadi, pastu tgk cam semua senyap je...kang mcm meroyan sorang2 je kat situ. hehehe

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