Monday, December 20, 2010

Poor Gingy

I've never ate the gingerbread cookie,
Have you?
So when we were in Dubai, we bought one
It was so cute, and it had cinnamon and ginger scent (duh! that's why it is called GINGERbread cookie)
We bought the gingy from Kempinski hotel
They were also selling other nicer gingerbread n choc such as;

The gingerbread house

The Black Santa (lol, they should ask Willy Wonka to make it from the white chocolate)

Alexander Wang combat boots (Hmmm this one looks yummy ;))

Camel milk chocolate with gold wrapper. (Suitable  for souvenirs ey?)

And the shop is under this giant gingerbread house. I was impressed!

 Back to the Poor Gingy story,
this was it

We ate it together
Firstly, I eat the leg...dip it inside tea (maybe milk would be better)
Yum! I like the cinnamon taste

Then both of the kids thought it will be nicer to eat their brains
(must be bcoz they have been influenced with Plants vs Zombies)

So we ate and ate the gingy together until this was what's left

And the next day the Gingy was all gone
And I asked Izz, where's the gingy?
He said, it's in Aiden's tummy!
(or actually in papa's tummy??! hihi)
Doesn't matter, yg penting semua selamat habis...
I don't really fancy the taste 
but I love the experience eating it together with my family. =)


KS said...

hahaha... part eat the brain tu mmg cute!! plant n zombie mmg addictive! kehkeh

btw, apakah gozz terkini di twitter?? acc i takleh loginnn..!!!!

Farra said...

cantiknyer biskut tu yaya! kiutt

IreneYaya said...

KS: Patutlaaaa...lamanya mana pergi hilang, ingatkan u tiba2 block I...huhuhu...account u kena hack ke apa?

Farra: Kiut Gingy. =)

yanie said...

babe, i heard Abu Dabi hs d most expensive christmas tree @ one of the shopping mall. Pls take d pix n share it here. ada guard, cctv etc smua. JUst becos thy wanna recoganition from the Guiness World Book of Record ;)

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