Thursday, December 30, 2010

The $11 Million Tree!

Look at this Xmas tree. It looks the same like any other Xmas trees right?

Okla...maybe because it's in black and white, so look this picture below, do u think the tree is worth $11 Million? Nahhhh...I don't think so

Nothing unusual until I look closer... 

and closer

and CLOSER!!! (they have jewelery watches!))
I wished I was Plastic Woman so that I could reach and pluck all the jewels hanging on the Xmas tree! I prayed hard but sheesh it didn't happen! lol
So all I could do was go around the tree and take lots and lots of photos!

At first I could not believe the price of jewelery reached up to $1 million a piece?!! (baik beli rumah kan) But then I did some research and yes, it can because it depends on the size and quality of the stones / diamonds

At first I tought it was such a waste the government just spent their money on a Xmas tree, but actually it was sponsored to enter the Guinness World Book of Record as the World's Most Expensively Dressed Tree.

The amazing part is that there were no guards at all! There are only 2 unarmed Emirates Palace staff; no guns or tasers. And I told hubby, we still have a chance just to steal one... satu pun jadilah...
haha kidding!...then hubby said there were guards but they might be wearing normal clothes so visitors wouldn't feel petrified.

And we wrapped up our visit with hubby taking photos of us all around the Emirates Palace. =)

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berani betul ye diarang take a risk.

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