Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Suasana Di Hari Raya Pertama

In my parents house, Kuala Terengganu....
Awal2 pagi saya mengubah bunga

Menyiapkan meja tetamu

Anak2 sedara mengisi biskut ke dalam balang

Menyediakan makanan. Lemang, Rendang Tok, Nasi Dagang dan Satay

Bersembahyang raya
Menziarahi pusara datuk dan nenek

Ahli baru and my abang ipar's latest additionyg cumellll

My luving sister yg still dalam confinement.

Alhamdulillah tahun ni dapat beraya di Malaysia

Budak kecik yg seronok dapat makan "cookies monster" yg bertimbun

Dengan abangnya yg senang untuk pakai songkok

Bermaaf-maafan, memohon ampun dan silap

Budak2 dapat duit raya! YIPPIE!!! Saya? My days were over..huhuhu..kalau tak, boleh saya paw kakak dan abang2 saya...

Mendapat kad raya

With my cousins yang membesar together masa kecik2 dulu di kampung Losong

Di rumah my aunt

Waktu malam...baru teringat nak potong kek raya!

And somebody bought a new TV for my dad!

and jadi TV raya!

Hopefully next year lagi meriah! =)

Home Leave 2010

For the whole week, I am gonna write stories about our home leave. As my friend Lily has mentioned in her blog, Malaysia is the best place on earth. Yes I agree. =)

We arrived in KLIA at 3pm and went to my brother's house in Bukit Jelutong. Sempatla jugak ber"param" di BJ. Then at night I met Erna, Aida and Dotty in Kayu Manis, BJ. Nini also dropped by at my brother's house in BJ. (Thanks girls for the warming welcome). I really felt good to be in my home country.

Overnight in my brother's house and had a midnight sahoor with him

Then the next day my brother went back to Trg so we stayed in Glenmarie.

Iftar in Glenmarie...

And the next morning we flew to Terengganu with Firefly and arrived in Kerteh

Stopped in Ajil to buy some Lemang 

Then along the way to Kuala Terengganu, we stopped to buy some fresh meat for Rendang

Arrived in Kuala Terengganu, we went to Giant to get some necessities...especially pampers budak kecik ni and bekalan mainan.

Hubby pergi membayar zakat fitrah

And at night as usual, every year, kena sediakan duit raya... sampul je k. ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Iftar With Kurdish Cuisine

My husband's colleague invited us to have a taste of Kurdish cuisine for iftar a day before we went back for Eid holidays in Malaysia. Their families are from Iraq but they have migrated to OZ and now working here in Abu Dhabi. They got 2 charming kids and they are very nice people. =)

Here are some photos of the Kurdish cuisine that I managed to capture.

They also invited another guesst which is also hubby's colleague and he is from Venezuela and his gorgeous wife is from Spain. They brought gifts for each kiddo and also this cake for dessert.

I brought rendang ayam and this homemade cheesecake and they loved it!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's More Than Just A Toy...

I told hubby a few times I want to go to Pavillion but he said tak payahla... Dia tak suka pergi tempat crowded n jam... Then I told him I wanna go to get my first ToyWatch and he asked... What is Toywatch?

Hello, pakcik terror IT silalah google. Then, lepas google dia pulak excited! And terus semalam we went there to get our first TW.
At first I am contemplating between these 2 sebab konon nak match with my bag. *wink*

Then hubby said u bukan ada that one bag saja. Nnt susah nak match dengan bag choices bertambah

Trying and trying and trying

And hubby berkenan with the white with crytals yg the same design with Chanel J12 and the ones yg Sandra Bullocks pakai in The Blind Side

And he got himself a spider TW! VoilĂ !

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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Family Photos In Kuching

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eid Mubarak!

Salam hari raya from us! As usual, bila balik kampung anak2 busy bermain so dpt bergambar as a couple dahulu.

Then berjaya memujuk mereka bergambar

And this time berempat but beribu ribu snaps coz they payah nak duduk diam!

Lastly, full pictures of my jubah raya yg dicipta sendiri.

Have a great hari raya everyone!

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