Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Iftar With Kurdish Cuisine

My husband's colleague invited us to have a taste of Kurdish cuisine for iftar a day before we went back for Eid holidays in Malaysia. Their families are from Iraq but they have migrated to OZ and now working here in Abu Dhabi. They got 2 charming kids and they are very nice people. =)

Here are some photos of the Kurdish cuisine that I managed to capture.

They also invited another guesst which is also hubby's colleague and he is from Venezuela and his gorgeous wife is from Spain. They brought gifts for each kiddo and also this cake for dessert.

I brought rendang ayam and this homemade cheesecake and they loved it!

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cc said...

where's the pic of ur rendang? heheh
aiyohh nmpk sungguh menyelerakan la makanan tu sume

IreneYaya said...

CC: Rendang tak sempat snap! Kelam kabut masak before iftar. But they loved the rendang, siap mintak recepi semua. =)

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