Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Home Leave 2010

For the whole week, I am gonna write stories about our home leave. As my friend Lily has mentioned in her blog, Malaysia is the best place on earth. Yes I agree. =)

We arrived in KLIA at 3pm and went to my brother's house in Bukit Jelutong. Sempatla jugak ber"param" di BJ. Then at night I met Erna, Aida and Dotty in Kayu Manis, BJ. Nini also dropped by at my brother's house in BJ. (Thanks girls for the warming welcome). I really felt good to be in my home country.

Overnight in my brother's house and had a midnight sahoor with him

Then the next day my brother went back to Trg so we stayed in Glenmarie.

Iftar in Glenmarie...

And the next morning we flew to Terengganu with Firefly and arrived in Kerteh

Stopped in Ajil to buy some Lemang 

Then along the way to Kuala Terengganu, we stopped to buy some fresh meat for Rendang

Arrived in Kuala Terengganu, we went to Giant to get some necessities...especially pampers budak kecik ni and bekalan mainan.

Hubby pergi membayar zakat fitrah

And at night as usual, every year, kena sediakan duit raya... sampul je k. ;)

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Mrs Faizal said...

yaya, beli lemang kat ajil ke kijal tu? hehe..

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