Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Eric,

(gambar ni saja nak inteprem sebab I tgk bila orang blog about shopping mesti ambil gambar paperbag!)

Sebab tapak dia best and comfy,
haruslah pakai sekarang kan? =P

Coloring My Wardrobe!

Promod dah start sale (minggu lepas dah), YAY!
So this is the best time to colour my wardrobe! =)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gugu Gaga With Goyard

This is just a typical suka suki entry
About Goyard St Louis Tote
FYI, saya tgh banned takleh beli bag

So this entry is just for DROOL purpose only
Anyway, see the pictures below schweettttt....I love this couple!
Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Semua cantik! 
Yg bestnya about the St Louis Tote
Dia ada banyak warna!
Sungguh confuse nak pilih warna...
Yellow and orange is FUN,
Black and brown is EARTHY
Blue just OK
White is PURE and CLASSY
Pink is SOFT
Green is NATURAL
Red and Burgundy macam Kimora pakai 

If u want to angkut sebijik,
Or somebody wants to buy this bag for you,
Which color would u pick? ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Teknik Menjala

Bila tengok gambar ni from Julie's blog...

Made me teringin nak makan kari ayam dengan roti jala...
But bila dah stay with atkins,
I tak boleh masak dgn flour, sebab byk carbs...
However, yesterday I found this....YIPPIE!!! 

 Now I can make roti jala...
But bila buat Roti Jala semalam,
Dia tak jadi secantik ni...huhuhuhu
Serious, malu nak tunjuk! 
Sampai hubby tanya, ni omellete ke? hehehehe

Is there any techniques that u can share with me?
Appreciate on your help!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Items On Sale Part II

Harini we all keluar...
Thought nak buat groceries,
But since tengok sana sini sale,
From thinking doing groceries, jadi shopping... =)

And as requested, I went to Gucci, Tod's, Fendi and YSL
to check again other bags that are on SALE.

Please note, The Gucci D Ring Bag in Orange dah sold out
So for those who is interested with any of the Gucci bag from this entry,
Please BUZZ me immediately at for prices

So, here from Tod's 
The T-Bag Media Grande in Grey
As seen on Mandy More, Sienna Miller and Kate Hudson in Black
Well, Grey is nicer!!!

And this stunning turquoise Tod's Bauletto Media
As seen on Gwyneth Paltrow & Jessica Biel
This bag is in very good value!
And I really love this bag
I don't know the name, but lurveeeeee the shape and the texture of the leather =)
And love this color of the new G bag..
Looks like beige claire!

 And here are other G bag on sale:

In full leather blue-grey
and in canvas red...WOW!
Also they have in plastic which is almost see through also on sale!
Last but not least,
This soft leather tod's
They also have the same style in black.

And for YSL, they have this on sale.
I think u must have seen the Muse2 medium in green at EJ
They also have the matching peep-toe flats in green and also on sale
And they have the Muse 2 medium in stunning Magenta!
Also the same color downtown bag. 
And I really love this orange!
And Fendi, saya jumpa bag ni je yg on sale menarik. =)

So, you know the drill...
Make sure kalau dah berkenan, dah tetap hati,
Email me cepat2 before that sale items are GONE!
Chanel pun ada sale, tapi bag dia yg sale tahun ni sungguh tidak menarik langsung!
Or maybe yg menarik tu dah sold out...huhuhuhu

Friday, June 25, 2010


Seriously, I need a quick fix
Not a new shoes,
Not a new handbag,
But these....uwaaaaaaaa


Serious, I langsung tak rindu nasi and mee
But I rindu these!


I went through all the pictures I took before and found these are what I used to eat
Seriously melelehhhhhhh!!!
Oh God, please help me
What should I do now?

Then I programme this in my head:
Saya mahu kurus,
Saya tidak mahu kena diebetic masa muda2 ni
Saya mahu kurus dulu and lepas my weight goal,
Then lepas tu saya mahu indulge sepuas-puasnya!
Barulah rasa rewarding kan? =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Items On Sale!

Thinking about kasut or handbag raya?
Here are some items I managed to snap.
Email me at to know the price!

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