Monday, June 14, 2010

My Brave Aiden

Do u remember this entry?
I cannot put into words the fear I felt 
when I saw later on, his effected finger has been hard to straighten up
Then I went to the Doctor and he is suggesting for Aiden to go for physiotherapy 

And I was quite worried whether he would cooperate during the physiothrapy
I guess with me and his brother at his sides,
He went through it just fine

Mama is very proud of u, son!

And I watched this based on a true event movie - 
Extraordiniary Measures
It's a great heart warming movie
It's about parents who leave everything else behind in their lives 
and take extraordinary risks, measures to protect their children 
After watching that movie, I asked myself
Would I take that extra length to protect my sons?
Of course, I will...
and I pray Allah will always bless my family with great health

Definitely, health is wealth.


kaezrin said...

hope all the physio goes well...aiden mmg brave boy,....

myjuliana said...

get well soon aiden, and be strong yaya. of course you will do anything for him

take care

snowiffy said...

speedy recovery to ur handsome hero!!! insyallah. amin

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