Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UK Paris Vacation Day 10 & Day 11

Yay! Akhirnya the last episode...
We woke up at 4am to catch train at 5.45am
Our hotel to Paris Gare Du Nord Eurostar station is not far
Naik cab dalam 10 euro like dat
Sampai Gare Du Nord macam 1 hour earlier
Penatnya tunggu dengan mengatuk semua

Then bila sampai dalam train, saya and the kids semua tido...
Tinggal hubby je yg enjoy the ride sambil baca story book from his iPad...isk, jeles!

Sampai London St Pancras,
We took a cab to Europecar
We rent a Peugeot for 1 day so that kerja mengangkut barang senang
Because both of us dah lama tak drive manual car,
Terpaksala rent automatic..and kira2 cost rent for 1 day with childseat, booster + insurance is GBP140...pengsan!
Kalau rent per day terasa kecekik darahnya...
But since we dah malas dah nak fikir, bayar saja lah...
Actually banyak hidden cost travel ni
Especially kalau kat Europe!
So make sure kalau nak pergi Europe kalau budget kena ada buffer.

Then we checked-in at Crowne Plaza London Heathrow.
We stayed at the club floor, but tak sempat pun nak enjoy the club room...  

Then we went to find lunch at one muslim area...I forgot the name.
But that area ada jual byk muslim foods...
Then petang after 5pm we went to my friend's house, Owwe & BJ
They were my ex-classmates kat MMU dulu.
Tak expect pun dia ajak makan2...TQ for your hospitality, Owwe & BJ

We balik quite late jugak, at 9pm
Then sampai hotel, saya pack semua
Then tido untuk prepare to catch flight the next day at 9.45am

The next day, everything went smoothly at the airport,
Bila masuk kawasan duty free kat heathrow Terminal 5,
Both of us sungguh teruja!!!
I masuk Gucci, Prada...
Then hubby masuk Dixon and beli HTC Android phone...sempat lagi!

Then dalam flight I watched 2 movies...Shutter Island and Edge of Darkness
British Airways prepared special halal foods for us. 
And the kids also got some free goodies! =)

We arrived in Abu Dhabi at night and feeling soooo relieved.
Alhamdulillah, the journey went through smoothly.
The End

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