Sunday, June 20, 2010

We Lurve You, Papa!

Happy Father's Day
to my beloved Dad,
my brothers, my brother in-law,
my father in law and last but not least,
My hubby!!! And also all fathers out there...
Since we are ikut date Malaysia jelah kan? =)

Well, no doubt, it takes a real man to be the father!

And for father's day gift...
Papa got himself an Alien!

Alienware laa....ahaks
And mama tolong belikan present from Izz and Aiden is this monitor je. =P

and on Father's day today, 
I bake this special ciskek using steviana for him. =)

It's creamy and and melt in your mouth..
YUM!!! =)


Part A:
Mix 680gm Cream cheese, 15 packets of Steviana, 1 cup of Sour Cream, 2 teaspoon valina essence and 1 teaspoon lemon extracts.
Then mix 3 eggs one by one at a time
Pour the mixture inside a greased cake tin, bake inside the oven with 180 degrees in 45 minutes

Part B:
Mix 600gm cream Cheese, 1 cup of Sour Cream and 12 packaets of steviana sugar substitute.
After Part A has cooled, Combine Part B and stored it inside the fridge.


naddy said...

wahhh nampak sedapnya kek :)

jelita78 said...

oh nice!!!
i just baked a cake too!!
what a coincidence!

beb, nak recipe please!!
bley try later.. hehe

neeza said...

behnyer ciskek tuu..nak resipi bulih?

KS said...


cheesecake mmg senang buatkan??? dari buat kek biasa, i rela lagi buat cheesecake hehe

kaezrin said...

happy fathers day to aeka..

and yes sedap nmpk cake u..

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