Saturday, June 26, 2010

Items On Sale Part II

Harini we all keluar...
Thought nak buat groceries,
But since tengok sana sini sale,
From thinking doing groceries, jadi shopping... =)

And as requested, I went to Gucci, Tod's, Fendi and YSL
to check again other bags that are on SALE.

Please note, The Gucci D Ring Bag in Orange dah sold out
So for those who is interested with any of the Gucci bag from this entry,
Please BUZZ me immediately at for prices

So, here from Tod's 
The T-Bag Media Grande in Grey
As seen on Mandy More, Sienna Miller and Kate Hudson in Black
Well, Grey is nicer!!!

And this stunning turquoise Tod's Bauletto Media
As seen on Gwyneth Paltrow & Jessica Biel
This bag is in very good value!
And I really love this bag
I don't know the name, but lurveeeeee the shape and the texture of the leather =)
And love this color of the new G bag..
Looks like beige claire!

 And here are other G bag on sale:

In full leather blue-grey
and in canvas red...WOW!
Also they have in plastic which is almost see through also on sale!
Last but not least,
This soft leather tod's
They also have the same style in black.

And for YSL, they have this on sale.
I think u must have seen the Muse2 medium in green at EJ
They also have the matching peep-toe flats in green and also on sale
And they have the Muse 2 medium in stunning Magenta!
Also the same color downtown bag. 
And I really love this orange!
And Fendi, saya jumpa bag ni je yg on sale menarik. =)

So, you know the drill...
Make sure kalau dah berkenan, dah tetap hati,
Email me cepat2 before that sale items are GONE!
Chanel pun ada sale, tapi bag dia yg sale tahun ni sungguh tidak menarik langsung!
Or maybe yg menarik tu dah sold out...huhuhuhu


myjuliana said...

yaya, tod's kat bicester sama harga tak dgn harga sale kat sana? G bag color beige tu sgt cun! also the blue grey one..! email me the prices ek yaya.. he he he

kaezrin said...

cik kak baper riban raga Tods kat sana? kat KL semalam 40% sale...hari nih 30% saja..

KS said...

babe kasut?? ada?? size 35/5 pls.
and yes that brown tods yg u try tu cantik!

eyna said...

yaya .. ferragamo ada tak yg sale?.. yaya carikan laa i sling bag.. :)... pastu tods tu flat takder ker?? :)

ladyLOVESleisure said...

salam Yaya :)

this is my first time here hehehe. i am always browsing at euphoria junction. taktahu you ada blog! anyways, i LOVE your chanel tote lah. suka giler!

IreneYaya said...

Julie: Tod's kat Bicester different stocks... Yg kat butik ni yg sale the current season. =)

Elin: I dah email dah u rege dia. Cheaper than 40% off kat Malaysia tu.

KS: Nnt kasut I cari kat Dubai lebih byk choice k?

Eyna: Ferragamo kat Dubai...nnt I tgk Gucci Charlotte and Ferragamo kat Dubai k? Tod's flat ada...Nnt u YM I k?

ladyLOVESleisure: Salam and Marhaba dear. I pun pernah masuk your blog through blog Kak Jem. TQ, love your new chanel too. =)

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