Tuesday, June 22, 2010

UK Paris Vacation Day 9 - Last Episode

Here we are again...
Penatnya nak menghabis chapter cerita vacation ni...

Well, I will finish up in one short!
After Louve, we round the whole Paris
Paris is a charming city!
I remembered dulu masa saya muda remaja selalu dream (Pisces are dreamers ok!)
One day I will find a price charming,
And he will propose me at the top of Eiffel Tower!
 hahaha...kuat sungguh berangan! Berangan je, tidakla berharap...

Anyway, enjoy the piccas!

Lepas jln2 kat Paris, we went to Galleries La Fayette
I need to buy a few LVs and Chanels for EJ pre-order customers
Lepas tu balik hotel, pack, tido awal because the next day we took the first Eurostar to London.
Menyesal tak ambil train petang, coz tak puas nak enjoy Paris.

Ok, lepas ni ada one more last entry..
Day 10 & Day 11 in UK

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