Monday, June 21, 2010

Dah Sampai Dah!


Today I want to brog blog sambungan from kisah Stoke-On-Trent.
I think it's around 5 people were asking me about 
the Wedgwood, RD and RA
Actually the shipment dah sampai about 1 month+ ago. 
Bila I touch down sampai Abu Dhabi from UK,
I tukar simcard je DHL called me cakap ada shipment from UK.

Sungguh pantas! And for GBP30 they are using DHL pulak tu!
Kat sini kalau nak post parcel to Malaysia using DHL
will take around RM400 for first 1kg.
Also the RD I asked to send to my parents house sampai at the same time.
Anyway, here is how they pack...
Sungguh neat and tidak ada satupun yg pecah.

Dia bungkus one by one in a nice box,
Also separate by bubble air plastic

And I was soooo anticipated opening one by one carefully...

And susun cantik2...

also I ada ambil some untuk rasmi =)

Tax? Yg hantar kat Malaysia my mom cakap tak kena tax pun
Kat sini I kena bayar dalam RM110 for duty. 
Okla kan?

Anyway, if u want me to help to order for you also can...
Tak payah pergi jauh2 sebab i took one of the salesgirl contact number
just choose which item u want (in loose), how many pieces,
I'll inform u the stock availability and price.
Only for serious buyers!
Do drop me at

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