Monday, June 28, 2010

Gugu Gaga With Goyard

This is just a typical suka suki entry
About Goyard St Louis Tote
FYI, saya tgh banned takleh beli bag

So this entry is just for DROOL purpose only
Anyway, see the pictures below schweettttt....I love this couple!
Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Semua cantik! 
Yg bestnya about the St Louis Tote
Dia ada banyak warna!
Sungguh confuse nak pilih warna...
Yellow and orange is FUN,
Black and brown is EARTHY
Blue just OK
White is PURE and CLASSY
Pink is SOFT
Green is NATURAL
Red and Burgundy macam Kimora pakai 

If u want to angkut sebijik,
Or somebody wants to buy this bag for you,
Which color would u pick? ;)


snowiffy said...

babe, i'll pic the last pic. goyard mmg cun but some ppl finds goyard design membosannya cos nmpk conservative but i like :)

aS_c0mei said...

kalau nak ada org nak 'velanjerrr',saya pilih orennn.very the vouge.dari jauh dah nampakkk.kakakkaka

m.o.m said...

oooo ...baru tau ada bag nama Goyard yer ? he he he your sms, will proceed with the one you suggested and I agree with you. Tunggu sampai 14th July, nanti I petik gambar ok ? ha ha ha ...


jEM said...

banyaknya colour! if me...i like orange!

Ayu Hashim said...

salam.. kalo ayu kan.. rasa mcm nak beli semu color.. yeahhhh.. heheeee

kaezrin said...

i tau u mmg nak goyard nih dr ari tuh lagi kan...if i weere given the option to choose the reddish or purple....yellow tuh pun lawa..ishhhh

YaNie said...


tak kesampaian lagi nak beli red bag :)

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