Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's been about 10 days now since I started my low-carb regime
I've lost 3 kg!
I am feeling more energetic too.
I didn't crave for nasi or mee,
But someone who is having a sweet tooth like me, I crave for a cake!

So I explored Atkins recipe and I found out I can make and eat cheesecake!
But I must use a sugar substitue
At first I thought of using Aspartame,
Then I found this new sugar substitute which is from Stevia plant!

My FIL haritu pernah cerita about this
So kebetulan I terjumpa Steviana sugar substitute dekat groceries,
Terus I SMS my FIL, and he said price kat M'sia is almost twice more expensive
Then...I terus angkut semua dekat shelves tu sampai licin!
The reason why takut susah nak cari kat tempat lain
Or maybe kat tempat lain price dia mahal

So lepas ni, we can have a cheesecake for dessert...YAY!

In case u are wondering:
Atkins diet is a low-carb diet
1st phase ni mmg tak boleh makan langsung carbs or sugar
I only can take vegetables and need to minimize up to 20 net grams carbs per day
and also can eat daging, ayam, ikan, prawns, etc
As long as takde Carbs.

Contoh my diet meal =):


jelita78 said...

3kg in 10 days??
good job irene!

I.Q.W.A said...

jelesnye turun 3 kg!!!


dd said...

wah... 3kgs in 10days.. thats good..
share la your daily meal here.. my hubby seriously need to lose weight ni..kesian tgok semua seluar dah ketat.. :)

myjuliana said...

yaya jeles jeles jeless.. cemana nak card diet nih.. tgh dok masak lasagna kat dapur. hahaha but i will try to reduce and substitute the sugar.. thanks for sharing!!! jeles jugak.. hehe

KS said...

OMG OMG!!! i nak turun jugakkk.. haihhh!!

good job yaya! pls blog more abt this ya..

IreneYaya said...

Everybody....TQ! Nak kena turun lagi ni...3kg tak cukup! hehehe Nnt bila I dah sampai phase 3, I'll blog and share the tips semua k? Actually baca buku Atkins je...bila u dah understood it's ez pz!

KS said...

i dah baca gak.. cumanya tak berdaya mahu start.. induction phase aja dah fail haha :P

melayu sejati... nak nasik sokmo! :P

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