Monday, June 7, 2010

FAT Is My New Friend

My apologies for not responding to your comments in time,
But janganlah blame saya. =( huhuhu
Seriously, I am not a good example, eventhough I think if u were in my shoes you would do the same
But I really appreciate to all my bag-aholic friends comments
Also knowing that they are ikhlas rather than obnoxious or pandang serong
Saya hanyalah manusia yg lemah..sungguh lemah

Back to the title,
For the past 3 days, I am very weak.
Let's BLAME to 
I've started to follow this Atkins diet with Hubby
So NO Carbs and Sugar
FAT is my new friend
We are still in induction stage
Last night my muscles are all fatigue, pening2...huhuhu
That's the effect lah...and now still bertahan
Hopefully in 2 weeks saya still dapat bertahan untuk berpantang....uwaaaaaaaa..huhuhu
Wish me luck ye. 


m.o.m said...

If you believe you can do it, you'll definitely can. Go, Yaya, Go !.

I was 68kg last xmas. Gile rasa gemok tak tentu hala, and i felt so sluggish, tak bermaya !. Baju jgn ckp lah, semua kena beli yang size 14 ke atas.

Early this year, i cut down on everysinglething. Makan tetap makan, but I try to eat in a small portion, but frequent rather than biar perot lapar, sekali jumpa makanan rasa nak makan 8 pinggan teros.

Ive lost almost 9kg. Am now 59.9kg and am very happy with my new look. Baju yang size 14 semua i dah humban, because there's no way am going back there. Am now size 10-12, and I can fit all the baju baju bekurun, like 5 years ago !.

Plus, am going to Fiji next month ...harus lah kena keja keras nak kurus ..nak pakai bikini punya pasal hahahahahahaha !


ardeez04 said...

all the best yaya! -drea-

myjuliana said...

yaya, julie pon nak kena start weight loss program gak nih. thanks for reminding. good luck to u and aeka!

IreneYaya said...

Rini: Yesssss....Pergi Fiji must prepare a bikini body. *wink*wink*

My hubby mmg naik byk sgt sejak kahwin, I am worried about his health, so we must do something about it. Takut nnt muda2 dah kena penyakit, susahla...TQ Rini, hearing your story makes me lagi bersemangat ni! YES! I can do it! Nnt lepas dah turun 10kg, I nak shopping baju baru byk2...hehehe...

Drea: Thanks dear. =)

Julie: TQ...Nnt kalau Atkins program ni betul2 works, yaya will recommend buku dia kat Julie. =)

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