Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadhan Kareem

Salam Ramadhan for everyone from us in Abu Dhabi.

As for the preparation to celebrate Ramadhan, I went out early morning today to buy some groceries. Lega bila buka fridge ada byk bahan masakan. As for tarawikh, it will be done at home. And menu for sahur esok will be Mee Goreng. DH will be back home early everyday during Ramadhan, and i can't wait to cook and break fast together tomorrow. I will start to teach Izz and Aiden what and why we are fasting and hoping they will understand and try slowly.

InsyaAllah will still continue blogging during Ramadhan. Semoga Ramadhan pada kali ini memberi keberkatan kepada kita semua. InsyaAllah, amin.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yummier Than a Red Handbag =)

The famous Orlando based seafood chain in US is now in Dubai!
Yeahhh it's the Red Lobster! *Jumping Jacks*

So sorry the pictures aren't clear because its were taken using my IP
When we want to enter the restaurant, we have to wait for about 30 minutes to get our seats
Siap ada Egyptians ni gaduh2 tak puas hati kena tunggu sebab
And please la civic-minded sikit, orang lain pun tunggu dan lapar jugak
Unless kalau sanggup makan on the floor takpelah kan.

Anyway, eventhough we have to wait for 30 minutes, it's all worth it.
The service was superb and waiter was very friendly
It's like eating in TGIF or Chillis, but they served fresh seafoods from the aquarium

~Izz received the colouring set~
~Moi taking pictures of the deco while waiting for the foods~

~Cornbread. It's on the house~

~My Pina Colada~
Don't expect to order beer here, because in Dubai the restaurants can't serve beer or wine or pork because it's a muslim country. U can find beer, wine and pork only in the restaurant at the hotel. But sometimes you can find the pork at Chinese or Pinoy restaurant but they are not at a big shopping mall like this. All restaurant chain from overseas must follow the UAE requirements and only serve halal foods.

~Izz's Mac & Cheese~

~Our appetizer, New England Clam Chowder~

And our main course is the WOODgrilled Lobster, Shrimps and Scallop!

Lagi best bila sprinkle some sea salt and peppercorns

Now you see....

and now you don't!

Cantik ekor lobster dia..and the best part harga dia lebih kurang macam makan kat TGIF & Chillis!

InsyaAllah tonight or tomorrow we are going there again before Ramadhan.
And this time I wanna try their crabs and lobsters! *tadah perut* =P

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kenapa Buat Bangunan Senget?

Tak takut terbalik? Nak mati? Haha!
Dulu when we were visiting Pisa, Italy I was wondering mungkin mereka buat bangunan senget sebab salah ukuran. Then amazingly jadi one of the 7 wonders architecture in world. *merepek*

But now, lagi pelik. Why takde kerja buat bangunan lagi senget dari zaman dulu? Banyak sangat duit nak buat bangunan senget kan? Sorry ye saya tengah mode merapu minggu ini. Nak meroyan kat twitter takde orang sebab kat M'sia pukul 3am, so let's meroyan dekat blog.

When we are going out from Abu Dhabi island, we will pass through this newest and latest leaning tower which is now the “World’s furthest leaning man-made tower.” (2010). They call the tower as the Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi

In case you don't know, I am happen to know and would like to let you know. Sekian, terima kasih. 

P/S: Takde masa lagi nak ambil gambar posing tahan bangunan this time sebab dekat luar panas sangat!

Celebration of Culture

Izz is on a school holiday right now.
This event was before the school holiday.

~Can you spot budak yang pakai baju Melayu?~

~Spanish dance~

~South African dance~

~The Americans~

~Izz and his classmates~

~Aiden join sekaki~

~Maeghan is giving a farewell gift from parents~

~Izz and his bff, Abdul Rahman~

I am glad that Izz has been given a chance to attend the British International School
Izz can read well now. 
The teacher gave me his portfolio which I think it was beautiful and a fantastic way of showing how much progress he has made over the year
Well done, Izz. =)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Social House

Both of us are from Engineering background
Usually Engineer ni part makan they don't mind to eat benda sama.
If they love noodles, everyday makan noodles pun takpe.
Sampai bosan. Well, that's us. 
Kalau orang lain tak suggest, we will never try something new.
But this time we feel like we should try something new ourselves.
So we went to eat at the Social House.

Nice ambiance
~Buckets of plastic veges and fruits~

While waiting for the foods

Dapat foods terus balun sampai habis licin! 
Kalau takde orang sure I dah jilat pinggan ni. 

 The image of our brunch that day
I ate Pappardelle tossed with rich mushroom, wagyu beef and exotic spice, served on a bed of parmesan cheese

DH ate wagyu beef burger with brie, emmentaler, onion rings, fried eggplant, rocket, sun dried tomato, social house special sauce and fries.
Izz & Aiden ate macaroni & cheese and ice cream

The foods were so delicious! 

After brunch we jalan2 dekat kawasan At the top Burj Dubai

and found this ATM

~They are selling the Burj Dubai gold bars. ~

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dubai Summer Surprise.

From the title, you know what it is about. 2 weeks in a row we went to spend our weekends in Dubai just for mall hopping activities. Here are some pictures:

 ~Aiden with his luggage bag while waiting to check in~

~Kantoi tengah twitting HAHA~

~His collections~

~In Dubai Mall, wearing the clean cardigan again~

~Having dim sum in Dubai...I love Dubai for having variety of halal foods!~

 ~Khusyuk memilih. Har Gau, Siew Mai, Pao and crispy prawn balls are my fav!~

~The unique flowering tea!~

~Aiden is playing DS on his stroller, classic!~

~Bought a couple of coconuts at Waitrose and cracked them open with the trusty Victorinox~

 ~The mommy hook~

The other weekends:
~My delicious icepresso~

~Busy on the phone ~

~Buying their baju raya siap2~

~Near Hamleys, there is Cars 2 exhibition~

~Our favourite Korean beef noodles~

~Lama tak melantak cuppies!~

~Near the aquarium~

~In Emirates Mall with unknown characters~

~And I bought another Loubies. >_< *cray cray*~
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