Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some Dinosaurs Are Loose in Marina Mall

~Going out with my "CLEAN" cardigan~
 ~It's an autobot at the car park!~

~I am trying to feed my hand to the dinosaurs~
 ~Barney's cousin~

~Where is your teeth?~

~Looks like rhino~

~I guess it's ok to touch from there~

~View from the top~

~Let's go find some fud. I wonder they serve dino's meat?~

~Izz's lunchtime art~

~Crying.... for some reason~
~They have the latest bubble quilted on display!  >_< ~


jelita78 said...

apesal "CLEAN" cardigan?

ohhhhhh bubble quilt chanel!!!
gold or silver hardware?
adusss.. tensen laa aku camni..

IreneYaya said...

Aida: warna kuning kan ada kaitan dengan bersih. DOn't worry bebs, the hardware is not gold. =P It's ruthenium.

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