Monday, July 4, 2011

Swiss Day 8 & 9 - Geneva to London

Early morning, we checked out from the hotel and fly to London Heathrow terminal 5.
Then we took Heathow Express train to Paddington Station

From Paddington Station, we took a cab to our hotel, Crowne Plaza London Kensington

The hotel is very strategic, it is just opposite the Gloucester tube station
The room is also clean and spacious

And without wasting our time, we went to the Oxford Street to shop shop shop.
Wanna see my kids reaction during the entire shopping journey in UK?

~Killing time while waiting for mama in Longchamp~

~Waiting too long with his treat~

~These LV chairs seem very comfortable to land my head and sleep~

~ Inside Gucci. Nothing interesting for them. hihi =) ~

~Inside miu miu Bond Street~

Our snacks from the nearest Waitrose Supermarket

I was unable to online or contact my friends in UK for the whole day until I find a way how to cut the micro sim for my iPhone.
So, tak sempat nak buat plan to meet up anyone kecuali Lily

The next day, we went to Oxford Street again.
The weather in UK for this time around was very lovely!

Firstly we went to the Apple Store, DH bought his Macbook Air over there

And I bought this unique IP cover from CK
Then we went for lunch in TukDin's restaurant in Paddington
We met Lily and her friend over there.

Sungguh nikmat!!!!

We went back to the hotel and the boys surrendered to follow me shopping.
HAHAHA #evillaugh
So, I went to Chanel Bromton Street and Harrods with Lily and her friend
~Moi and Lily~
~Cilok gambar Lily~

We split up in Harrods and I had my own sweet time shopping in Harrods.
WOHOOO!!! Dah lama tak dapat this kind of freedom, bley tak? #guiltypleasures
But then, after 2 hours, I felt weird and there was no more joy to shop.
All I wanted just to go back to the boys and be with them. =)

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