Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swiss Day 10 & 11 - Bicester Village to Abu Dhabi

On the 10th day of our vacation,
We checked out from central London and moved to Crowne Plaza London Heathrow
We rented a Vauxhall Insignia (never heard of it before).
I was lucky to have a pro chauffeur to drive me to Bicester Village
~Lupa nak ambik gambar so I took the picture of the car from the web~

We've been in this hotel last year and so this time we've been upgraded to the club room as well.
Many thanks Crowne Plaza!

The weather on that day was superb!
I remember during my visit to Bicester last year, I was shivering because it was super cold.

The journey to Bicester from Heathrow is around 1 hour drive

I had to queue to enter PRADA!

We were there until 6pm and after that we went back to our hotel in Heathrow to pack.
But before reaching Heathrow, we went to find Halal restaurant

The next day early morning we went to the airport.
During the last call, we bought Laduree.
The price of the Laduree macarons in UK is 50% cheaper than Dubai.
Boleh beli banyak2 and siap beli for the kids so they can eat it sepuas-puasnya!

That's all folks!
Till then and thank you for reading my journey.

Can't wait for our next vacation in "Malashala" (as Izz pronounce Malaysia)
InsyaAllah. ;)

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kaezrin said...


love love love...

home sweet home...malashala ker itu another european country coming soon too.. hehheheheheheheheh

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